Abraham on Rest and Resistance

From an Abraham workshop in August of 1997:
In the non-physical, you are not waiting for something to be over so you that can rest, because there is no resistance in the work to begin with.

What you want rest from is resistance. What you want relief from is resistance. When your aircraft is off the ground and soaring, you’ll never want to land again. You’ll never want to stop and rest. You’ll never want to stop. You’ll never say, "I want to stop and have more time so that I don’t have to do anything." You’ll say, "Now I’m soaring. Where will I go now? What will please me now? What will I look at now? What will thrill me now? What will I uplift now? How will I utilize this eternal energy now?"

It is not relief from action or from work that you seek. It is relief from resistance. And as you play this game of lining up your energy, we don’t think we’ll hear from you things like "I want more time." We think instead we’ll hear things more like "I’d like more ideas to which I can flow my energy. I want to find those things of passion that call me."

So the first order of business is to hook up with the energy stream. And you do that just by practicing. "How does this feel? How does this feel? How does this feel?" Think and feel. Think and feel. Think and feel.

If you were in your car and a friend had given you a box of musical tapes and you were going to drive a few hundred miles, and your friend had a variety of taste in music and you popped a tape in that wasn’t your style, wouldn’t you just pop it right back out and reach for another one?

Well, that’s the way we want you to deal with your thoughts. We want you to pop in a tape and feel how it feels. And if it doesn’t feel good, pop it out and pop in another one—until you have developed a personality or an attitude that is in vibrational harmony with well-being.

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