Symptoms of Ascension

As a part of the expansion of consciousness and our movement toward higher vibrations, changes are taking place in our physical bodies as well as our emotions. Knowing that, it only makes sense that we'd be experiencing both physical and emotional symptoms. Being aware of these symptoms allows us to stay out of worry and maintain our joy during the process knowing that 'this too shall pass'.

The following is from Ascension Made Easy-er by Jim Self at Mastering Alchemy. If you haven't read Jim's short but informative e-book entitled "The Shift: What it is - Why it's happening and How it is affecting you" I highly recommend it. It's available free on Jim's website.
You are moving toward and preparing for ascension. This isn’t as mysterious as it sounds. Ascension doesn’t have to mean leaving this planet, taking your body with you and hanging out with Isis or Saint Germain. Ascension is an everyday occurrence. Ascension is when we leave one mode of being and rise into another higher, faster, purer one. It is when we make changes in our perspective, our preferences and our way of moving through life.

We can say, at these times, we are moving from the third dimension toward the fifth. In a very real way we are. The fifth dimension is a place where what you think very quickly manifests. You might already be noticing that what you barely ask for you receive…faster and faster. As we make these evolutionary changes from a slower, denser vibration to a faster, lighter one, everything we have become familiar with also evolves. If the human race hadn’t taken its steps into a new awareness, we’d all still be thumping our chests, grunting and looking like Neanderthals.

As we ascend toward the fifth dimension, we step up awareness in all aspects of who we are. Emotionally, we become less volatile and more joyous. Mentally, we experience balance between our brain’s hemispheres and an integration of our intuition and analytical skills. Spiritually, we awaken our creative genius. As we take these steps toward total integration and alignment, we may experience a number of symptoms. You may be aware of all or some of these. Since you are reading this book, you are probably aware of several.

Ascension Symptoms

1. Friends you’ve known for a long time are appearing different to you. The things they are interested in and are excited about, or the things they talk about, are not as interesting as they used to be. In fact, sometimes you find yourself looking at them and wondering, “Do I know this person? They seem so different.” The fact is – they are not different. You are. You are beginning to shift your focus from the things and concerns that were very dominant in your life to areas and interests quite apart from the old ways.

2. You are spending more time alone, and enjoying it. This is a time of quiet introspection or just a time of doing nothing. You prefer an evening reading or simply sitting on the back porch, over just about anything else. Watering your flowers has found new satisfaction. You prefer the small and simple pleasures.

3. Because you are observing your friends and life quite differently now, you may also experience the feelings of sadness or loneliness. It is as if you know you are graduating from high school and going off to attend a college far away. The emotions you experience now are a bit confusing because they don’t seem based on reality. Your friends are still there, you are still employed, the town looks (to your physical eyes) just as it always did, yet there is something different, something “other worldly,” and you know you are no longer relating to it as you once did. Do you remember a time you gave notice at your job and knew you would be there an additional two weeks? You felt a separateness and sadness, yet excited and anticipatory. You knew you would soon move on.

4. Work isn’t exciting anymore. Work and career may be successful, but the passion is gone. You know another opportunity is drawing close. It is just within arm’s reach, but unseen. It may feel as though it will rock your world and, although this excites you, there is a slight edge of apprehension. And you know there is nothing you can DO about it anyway, until IT reveals itself.

5. Food doesn’t appeal to you as it used to. Perhaps you find yourself simply not eating until late in the day or eating less quantity. You may or may not lose weight as this happens. The type of food that you are now attracted to is quite different than it used to be.

6. Your body feels unusual. Perhaps it is as though your body has changed sizes, although your clothes still fit. Perhaps you feel taller.

7. Your sexual appetite has changed. Usually subsided. This may or may not concern you, but when you really evaluate it, you enjoy this shift.

8. Your vision may be slightly different. Colors may be brighter. The greens of grass and leaves begin to appear brighter, more yellow and vibrant. You may also experience an eyeglass prescription change.

9. Your sleep pattern changes. You may become unusually restless at night or have unusual dreams or want to sleep during the day. You may find yourself staying up late at night, or getting up very early. Or both. You may need less sleep.
You haven’t entered the Twilight Zone. You are simply moving to a place that includes more of you and less of the noise that isn’t you. Congratulations. We call this time between worlds a “Growth Period.” It is a time to celebrate. Your body and mind and emotions may, however, not agree. Even though a Growth Period is a time to congratulate yourself on your spiritual progress, sometimes when we enter this phase of growth, it hits our physical system as something uncomfortable.
Keep remembering that All is well, You are loved, and You are never alone.

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