# HATJ : Lets show how many FREE Sovereign Beings are on Planet Earth

# HATJ : Lets show how many FREE Sovereign Beings are on Planet Earth

By BZ Riger at i-uv
July 31, 2017

Its time to come together and make a Joyful Noise En mass- Planet wide!

Are you a sovereign being? Do you have a good heart, love your family, friends, standing up for truth and being able to live life on your own terms…

Then if you feel moved to play:


Play action # 1:

Melissa, HATJ’s sister, put a post on Heather’s FB page after the court hearing today, 7.31.17. And within 5 minutes Face Book and the FBI who are censoring her account took it down.

For those who are moved to share that post on their FB group, FB timeline, blog, pinterest account… etc all over the plane.

Please do and make what Mr. Parker alphabet man did not want to up on HATJ’s FB Page, go viral all over the planet.

Play Action # 2

For those who want to access their TDA accounts, want to be part of pulling back the curtain and ripping it down. But are not sure how to access them or not confident to try…

If you feel moved to do so-

Let your voice do the accessing, by bringing it to the attention of every utility, bank, paypal, amazon, every place where you Would Have taken action by setting up your TDA account with the routing number and your ss #.


Pic up the phone, let the good friendly person you are shine through, and ask the rep on the phone how would you connect your TDA account to the account you have with them. The whole thing would be to get as many people aware of it in a friendly manner as possible. To infuse the millions of people calling to ASK, how would it be done into the system and make the system very aware that WE ARE NOT GOING BACK TO SLEEP!
You are asking a question and revealing hidden accounts at the same time. No FBI offense here.

Play action # 3

Fill out Your Factualized trust, and send it to each institution, bank, utility, shopping place, you have an account with. Just send it to them, thank them for their great business and to have a nice day.

Again, millions of people all over the planet flooding this awareness of hidden accounts all over the planet will let the PTW, know the JIG is up and its time to end the False Construct.

Have fun! and share your fun

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