End of Old - Beginning of NEW

From BZ Riger at i-uv.com

July 22, 2017

End of Old- Beginning of NEW- Send Them Love- Energy to Recharge and Clarity

We are IN the End of the Old and IN the Beginning of the NEW.

The time, when all is being revealed, what has been hidden about how life on this planet really worked for eons… Most importantly the beauty of each person on the planet. People are so much more than they believe and you will see that shining brightly in the coming days with your heart and your physical eyes.

The trigger is the Unfettered access to your TDA accounts and the implementation of that. That will change everything.

Each and every separation story line will be healed and released.

The joy, the inspiration, the rainbows of possibility that will flow from each brilliant being of light, (you refer to them as humans ;) on the planet will be a glorious thing to feel, see, and experience.

What You can do to speed things along so it Flows effortlessly at the Speed of Heart:

The people in the white house, in the systems, in the “Family’s” and all the PTW, at all levels need assistance with the large task at hand to bring the unofficial and Unseen to the fore to be Official and Seen!

Over the next 48 hours if you feel moved to do so…

Get out your energetic crayons, your unbridled innocent joy, in play, in creative doings and Send Them Love, Hold the space for them to have clarity and to recharge.

Show them the vibrant colors of your heart and unique energetic signature. Your Love Light and Light Love will be so bright they will have to wear sunglasses as they are light of heart, and clear of purpose, and joyful in their work of making ALL Official and Seen. As we move from the End of the Old into the Beginning of the NEW.

To All in the white house, in the systems, in the “Family’s” and all the PTW, at all levels… I send you a Cosmic sized hug, Waves of Love, a non depletion account of energy and vitality, crystal clear clarity and strength of purpose.

I Love YOU, I Appreciate You.


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