Definitive Results From "The Event"

Update 7/15: Excellent resource if you're playing in the TDA sandbox. (http://i-uv.com/utilizing-your-treasury-direct-accounts/)


Update 7/13 (2): If you're playing with your TDA (Treasury Direct Account), know that data is being gathered about success and failures. This data will help those working to clear roadblocks to know where the roadblocks are, and where they aren't. The form to fill in, if you want to share your results for inclusion in the data being gathered, is here.


Update 7/13: It seems that youtube, in it's infinite wisdom (or under direction from who knows where) has removed the Harvey Dent video originally linked below. Harvey has produced another video, done tongue in cheek in the hopes that he can keep the new one from being removed. The link to that is here, if you're at all interested. I have removed the original link and replaced it with a much longer (1.5 hrs) video that summarizes very well what my research of the last decade has uncovered. The video features Brian Kelly, who I have have tremendous respect for, particularly since he can talk about very upsetting things in a neutral and understanding way.

As a friend said when confronted with the reversal of a payment that was clearly approved through the ACH system: "I remain undaunted." That is exactly my feeling as well. The ruse is up. We human beings are now aware of the monetization of our value in enough numbers that we will prevail. Prevail not only in getting access to those accounts - accounts that have belonged to us since their creation at our birth - but prevail in having full, complete, and easy access, including the ability to use those funds freely in any way that we choose.

That said, this is not about the money, although money is the route currently available. This is about visibility and transparency of the deception and deceit that has been the basis of our world for far too long. Money is only the smallest part of it. But it's the root part, and we all know that to bring down a rotten tree, the best approach is to dig it out at the roots. (My apologies to our friends in the Kingdom of Tree for that analogy!)

For those of you testing the waters of accessing your monetized value, I thank you. I appreciate and honor your doing. Our actions are ultimately for the good of all mankind, making visible the fact that each and every human being on the planet has their own account of their monetized value, and we each and all have the inherent right to use the funds in those accounts.

For the love of all mankind. ~ k


Update 7/11: Lots of confusion in the system right now. Systems that aren't prepared to process human beings accessing their value; System Administrators and general workers seeing "Federal Reserve" banks being tapped for amounts from $10.00 to several million dollars by everyday people; Systems set to pronounce "Fraud" at the slightest transaction that doesn't meet the standards ... these systems, and the people responsible for them, are in chaos.

That doesn't mean we stop! It just means we have compassion for our fellow humans caught in a web they don't understand, who have neither the tools nor the instructions to respond adequately. Soon enough, they will.

Fixes for all that we're seeing as broken is in the works, we just have to exercise our patience and our compassion. All these issues, and more, will be resolved, are being resolved. My guess is within weeks, some within days. It's really hard to predict, we're talking enormous changes! and we all know that change takes time. But we are - everything is - moving at lightening speed! And all the problems that are ferreted out now, means that when the rest of humanity (your friends, family, and associates who all these years have thought you were weird because of your beliefs) begin to access their value, it'll all run smoothly.

In the meantime, I don't recommend that you stop what you're doing unless it's making you angry, fearful, resentful, or upset. From this moment forward, all we do is done in joy. If there's no joy it's not worth doing. That's how far we've come. So if you do this in the spirit of play, discovery, testing, adding to the existing data, then have at it! If it's upsetting in any way, then don't.

Hang in, we're making unbelievable progress! Someday we'll look back on this and reminisce about how exciting, entertaining, ground-breaking, and mind-blowing an experience it was ... and WE were there!! in body, experiencing all of it. Joyride of a lifetime - of all lifetimes combined! Savor every emotion. Savor every moment. We shall not pass this way again. Much love to all! ~ k


Update 7/10: The latest information is that all humans, both inside and outside the US, have Treasury Direct Accounts at the US Federal Reserve. The accounts can be accessed with an SSN (in the US) or the equivalent SSN code in other countries. WE - human beings all - are making visible the access. Work is being done to ensure quick and easy access (it's a bit, in some cases highly! convoluted currently) to all accounts for all human beings everywhere. Have patience, all is flowing and cannot be stopped. More and more information is made visible every day. This is truly a Universal - and monumental - undertaking. The progress made in just over a week is truly astounding. Imagine a week from now! ((hugs)) ~k


Update 7/9: There appear to be some organizations, corporations, and what not that are reversing payments made using these accounts. It may take some time for the systems involved to come up to speed with the changes we're experiencing. Those who have taken on the challenge of doing the Doings are on it, and working to resolve the issues. The systems are complex, as I'm sure you're all aware.

So it's experimental at this point. The most help we each can be is to try it out and help add to the data of what works and what doesn't. If it works for you, or works in some cases and not in others, be thankful. If not, don't lose hope, this is only step 1 toward accessing our value. Know that everything is in perfect order, and will unfold in perfect order. There's absolutely nothing to fear and nothing to complain about, the process is flowing and cannot be stopped. We'll see more positive results soon.

In peace love joy! ~k

For an in-depth (2.5 hrs) discussion of this issue see this video made 7/7/17, posted 7/9/2017


Hi all! Remember my post from a few weeks ago heralding news that "The Event" happened? If not, you can find it here.

The video below explains a process of reclaiming our monetized value (money) through accessing our Treasury Direct Account, an account that was created in our name at our birth, for our use .. but we were never told that these accounts exist. And of course we weren't told how to access our account(s). There's a lot to know about the history of this deceit, but those explanations are far beyond the scope of this blog.

Bottom line is that you don't need to know the history, and the video will walk you through the access process. But I suspect that when you discover for yourself that your Social Security number (or equivalent international number) is tied to an almost unlimited fund - a fund that belongs to YOU and has since it was created - you'll be hungry for more information. When you first realize how all human beings have been deceived and manipulated, it's mind-boggling.

Being able to access our accounts, discovering that they really do exist, is truly only the tip of the iceberg of what we ALL are manifesting in our reality here on Earth in this Now.

This process of accessing our Treasury Direct Account (TDA) not a scam, though if you aren't aware that our entire financial system is based on the value of each of us as human beings, a fact that has been purposely hidden from us for multiple thousands of years, then you may well believe that it is a scam. What these accounts truly are is the value of human beings monetized. They are, and always have been, ours.

All I can offer is the information, what you do or do not do with it is up to you. But this is real, The Treasury Direct Account(s) that we are now accessing, are and always have been ours - each of ours - to do with as we please .. most of us just never knew they existed. Those of us who knew they existed hadn't yet figured out how to access them. That hurdle has been jumped, access is now transparent and available (for the US, rest of the world incoming soon) and it only gets better from here. The cat's out of the proverbial bag, and it can't be stuffed back in.

So expect more miracles! Bask in your freedom and abundance. This is what we've been working for, waiting for, and we ALL are doing it TOGETHER. You had a hand in it too, whether you are aware of that, whether you believe that, or not. And it's only just begun. Congratulate and appreciate your Self and yourself for your involvement, you are loved and appreciated more than you may ever know.

The transparency revealed through this process will open the floodgates for transparency in all other arenas, not the least of which is reuniting us with our star brothers and sisters. What exciting times to be a human!!

Note: Since the disappearance of Harvey Dent's step-by-step video (see my Update for 7/13), I've been searching for another easy explanation of how to access your TDA account, should you choose to do so. I found one that's very short and shows the steps in detail. Amazon is used as the example, I assume because Amazon requires that all the bank's data be entered, so he's covering all the bases with that one example. Most financial institutions only request the bank routing number, account, and account name. Be aware that very few people I've heard about have been successful linking their TDA to Amazon. But some have. Much more successful have been people paying down or paying off credit cards, utility payments, car loans, etc.

If you're ready to play with this (and I do suggest that the most successful approach is an attitude of discovery and play), there is more detailed information here. You can also use a search engine to find lots of information freely available all over the internet.

Have fun, I wish you great success! From me to you, from my heart to yours .. continued love and appreciation for all you Be and all you Do.

Note: The next video (below) is a discussion, not a tutorial. Sadly they had lots of technical issues causing breaks in the flow. But it does provide useful information, especially some history of how the global financial system came to be in its current state. This is a long video. I broke it down into smaller segments that you might be interested in hearing about: 13:10 - OPPT; 15:44 - Fiat money and the matrix of debt-slavery; 18:31 - Paradox of no debt, UCC, more about OPPT filings; 23:09 - Data hiding in plain sight; 25:17 - Courtesy Notices (history of their use); 32:41 - Too many variables; 40:20 - This is not stealing! It's claiming what has always been ours; 49:23 - Creating a life we don't need to escape from; 50:11 - The Shift of The Ages; 52:25 - How to share the information; 55:44 - Don't come from greed, and how can we best utilize this knowledge; 58:16 - What about access to TDAs for international folk?; 59:43 - Data collection tool for reporting success and failures; 1:00:31 - Randy's story and the big bus; 1:07:01 - The biggest threat to the systems is people knowing who they are; 1:09:23 - It's really about raising awareness, raising collective consciousness; 1:13:90 - Where do we go from here? 1:18:01 - Birth of a new world.

Here's another terrific short video explaining another piece of the puzzle - the Certificate of Live Birth that is used to generate our Birth Certificate:

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