Claiming Your Value / ACH / TDA Overview

Updated 7/22 with additional video, see end of post.

Below, Robert Michael and Cary Kirastar Ellis discuss both the ACH "Value Access" process, and provide background information on the global financial systems - how we got to where we are and where we're going.

I especially love this video because they discuss the spiritual as well as commercial aspect of the current doings, and the spiritual aspects of what we're about is crucial.

This access to our TDAs (Treasury Direct Accounts) is truly not about the money, it's about making visible the depth and breadth of the game we've been a part of - a game that, on other levels of being we all agreed to be a part of - for the experience of it. This access to our TDAs shatters the illusion of separation once and for all, so we can, together, begin the real work of rebuilding our world into an experience of equality, peace, ease, cooperation, and limitless freedom, abundance and joy for all.

It's ultimately about each of us accepting responsibility for our own beliefs and our own actions, knowing that no one, any where, has authority over us. We each have that authority inherently, as a being. There's nothing we need to do to earn that authority, there's nothing we need do to deserve it. It's already ours. All that's left for each of us to do is accept and own that authority.

Imagine it! Through this game we've lived and loved and experienced all that can be experienced in duality. That's astounding! That game was never meant to go on forever, there was always completion, "end game", built into the design. Well my friends .. end game is here, and all there is to do from this point forward is to truly embrace our authority over our being, and love and enjoy all aspects of our experience.

In the following youtube audio, Bob Wright provides background to the process of accessing our value. Of particular interest are time stamps 2:30 through 20:00 .. and .. 21:30 through 28:20

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