You Have Come to a Crossroads. What Will You Do?

We are at a crossroads, each of us. There are horrors being uncovered and exposed in every part of our world from government to banking to business to education to health care to .. you name it, deceptions and abuse of power abound. It's a shock to the system to realize just how deep and how far the deceptions go.

As typical people going about our lives the best we know how, it's challenging to figure out what to do about all of this. A feeling of helplessness pervades. We want to be innocent bystanders. But we cannot. No one is innocent, there are no bystanders.

We the people, the residents incarnate of planet earth, are responsible for all of it. ALL of it. For every bit of greed, lust, anger, retribution, heartache, death, destruction, maiming, injustice, you name it, we're responsible for it. Each and every one of us.

When we don't accept our role in creating this world we are saying we don't believe that we create our reality. And that is just not true. There are few real truths in our Universe, but that is one of them. Individually we create our personal reality, and together we create our joint reality. We are creator gods. It can be no other way. It is no other way.

But you know what? Not only are we responsible for the death and destruction in our world, we are also responsible for the compassion, the cooperation, the happiness, the beauty, the exhilaration, and the joy that surrounds us everywhere we look, if we only take a moment to acknowledge the beauty that is there, and realize that we are responsible for that, too.

There's a serious question that I would ask every single human being on the planet, and that is this: If you were God, if you were all-powerful, with the ability to create Universes, to create trees and oceans and life forms of all nature and variety, if you had everything you needed at your disposal - food, money, shelter, interesting things to do, interesting places to go, interesting people to interact with - would you continue to rail against anything or anyone?

Or would you simply look at your creation and say "Oh. Huh. Not what I envisioned when I created it. But okay. Let me now regroup and recreate differently." Remember, as God You are all-powerful, all-seeing, and all-knowing.

If you believe that if you had such power, that you would still continue to feel victimized, I cannot help you. Because you are deceiving yourself. If you think that such an all-powerful being would spend one second lamenting their creations, blaming them on someone else, trying to destroy them, then you aren't being honest with yourself. Look to any hobby, sport, or creative activity that you love to participate in. When what you created doesn't turn out to be as you had intended or desired, do you blame those around you for it? Or do you start over, modify or recreate as necessary to achieve your goals?

Does the artist blame others for the painting that doesn't express what they intended to express? Or do they modify the painting such that it does express what they intended to express? Does the athlete rail against their coaches or their parents or their peers for them not making that important basket, hitting that perfect return volley, reaching the finish line before their competitors? No, they look to themselves, to what they might do next to get closer to achieving their desired intent.

If you continue to hold everyone else responsible for what happens in your world, what you're really doing is refusing to see that you ARE God. You are as much responsible for the horrors - and the beauties - of this world as those whom you blame, or in the case of beauty, appreciate. To say that you are not is to refuse to accept the inherent power of that which you really are. It's to refuse to accept that you are them and they are you. All connected. All One.

It's time for each and every one of us to stop foisting the blame for this reality onto others. In the first place, there is no blame to be assigned. We agreed to be a part of this reality, to help shape it, mold it, participate in it, experience it. For better or for worse, as the saying goes.

Not only did we agree to have our own experiences, we jumped at the chance! But the world is a joint effort, a co-creative effort. We aren't the only ones creating within it, all of our fellow humans are creating it too, in their own way, in accordance with their own desires, intents, and beliefs. We are that powerful. We just forgot.

It's time for us to remember.

Time for each of us to remember Who We Really Are. To stop pretending that we aren't the powerful creators that we really are. There are no victims. There are no perpetrators. What there is, is a world of human beings that fell asleep and forgot that they were playing a game. That game is over. It has been over for years, we just forgot to notice.

So, the conundrum we are in is this: Knowing that we are all participating here by agreement, knowing that we can experience life any way we wish to, what do we do with those who continue to perpetrate crimes against humanity? What do we do with those who continue to want to create conflict, to create war, to create upset, to steal from their fellow man, whether that stealing be money, goods, services, freedom, or well-being?

In response to that question I would ask: What would you do with a child who is misbehaving? Would you yell at them? Would you call them debasing names? Would you lock them up? Would you hit them or spank them or throw them against the wall?

Or would you, with love in your heart, realize that they are learning and guide them in that learning? Would you continue to allow them to misbehave? No. But neither would you come at them with hate, fear, anger, rage or hopelessness. You would simply guide them in learning what behavior is appropriate, through whatever loving means you have at your disposal.

Can you see that those in a position of power that you hate are no different than a child? Albeit a child with much more responsibility, and therefore much greater ability to negatively impact the whole of society rather than a single family or peer group.

Yes, it is time to remove from power those who cannot see the negative impact that their actions have had on their fellow human beings. But to hate them? To wish them harm? Or worse, to wish them to die or to be abused? To wish them to "suffer" in the way that they have intended others to suffer, just because you can?

Remember, You Are God Also, you just forgot. Would God treat his/her children with hate and retribution and punishment? Or would a God love all their children equally, hold them responsible for their actions, yes, but do so through love instead of through hate?

Make no mistake, you are that God. What will you do?

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