Trite But True: Love Is All You Need

"Nova Earth cannot and will not be built on violence, on hatred, on revenge. It cannot be."

~ Archangel Michael through Linda Dillon
July 2, 2012

This one quoted sentence from my post "Update on Current Events, July 2012" is so important I decided to emphasize it by giving it its own post.

Make no mistake, this is the mantra for Earth and Humanity going forward.

There is only one possible way to move forward into the paradigm shift that is upon us, and that is to release all anger, revenge, blame, need for justice, and all judgements. On other AND on self. In fact especially on self.

I'm going to take you on a little journey ... Pretend that you have died, that you are on the other side of the veil, and you can now see that all has and is unfolding in perfect order. There is no judgement here, there is no pain, there is no lack; there is nothing but peace, joy, love, cooperation, beauty, and excitement. Now look down upon your human body and notice those same qualities shifting the ether around you and around all on earth, such that we are all living every moment of our human lives in the higher fourth, fifth, and sixth densities and beyond.

THAT is who you are. Whoever you might have thought you were, whoever you might have been pretending to be throughout this lifetime, throughout all your physical lifetimes, you are not that.

YOU are a Master of Creation and you have been playing a role. You have played your part well. Now is the time, N O W, right this minute, to acknowledge that you have been playing a role, that you have played that part well, and that you are ready to step out of it.

Are you ready to step out of it?

Then STEP OUT OF IT. Continue stepping out of it every single time the density of those around you, of your circumstances, of your old habits, of your old self, of mass consciousness, attempts to drag you back into it. That is NOT who you are. It isn't who you've ever been, it's only who you pretended to be.

The final shift is upon us my friend, and we need you - yes NEED! you - to take back the power of your own sovereignty that is your birthright.

Each time you want to blame - especially yourself - just stop it. Let it go. Step out of the drama of those still believing that this dense, difficult, angry, victimized, lack-filled reality is all there is. Stand above, in that place of peaceful knowing that all is well, and let the love that is you spill out naturally. Everyone around you can see the love in you, it is only YOU who forget that you have been playing a role. That role is not you. Give it up, it only acts like an anchor to keep you mired in third density. You already know everything you need to know to be able to do this. All that's left is to do it.

There's a phrase that's used in the Love and Logic ® program that I think is especially useful right now, and that is "Love you too much to argue." Amazing how you can diffuse just about any argument that is brewing with those words. I suggest you use them not only with others, but with your human self as well. Whenever you find yourself mired in the density that has been this reality, with an internal wink and a smile remind yourself "Love you too much to argue." Then stand back as you find yourself filled with the knowing, joy, peace, beauty, and love that is Who You Really Are.

All the best to you on your continuing journey. And I thank you for being a part of mine!

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