Learning to Direct the Ego

... the ego has become overly influential in your lives. Its true purpose is to free you from the mundane tasks of day-to-day living enclosed in a body, but it has, over time, rather usurped that role, and now spends inordinate amounts of energy offering you advice and guidance — a task for which it is inordinately ill-prepared and for which it has neither the wisdom nor the appropriate intent.

You can see this every time that you behave egotistically by pushing another person’s buttons, or respond inappropriately when someone pushes yours. And still you give it credence! Your egos are constantly on the defensive because they are very aware of their inadequacies and they live in fear.

They transmit that fear to you and fertilize and encourage it at every opportunity. Their fear is that you will disregard them, forget them, and dismiss them, and that they will die. So they struggle constantly to instill in you their fear of death, and to a large extent they have succeeded in that aim.

Nevertheless, they continue to reinforce it because if you are unafraid, then you would have no need of them. And indeed, without their constant reinforcement your fears would dissolve.

As I have frequently told you, meditation and relaxation daily are essential tasks for which you need to make time no matter what is going on in your lives, because that is what enables you to silence your egos and become aware of your intuition — that wise and divine assistance that comes to you from the spiritual realms.

Noise, distraction, and impatience are of the ego, and meditation enables you to move beyond it into the peace that is your birthright, your place of comfort within the alarming disturbances of the illusion.

~ Saul, as channelled by John Smallman – July 11, 2012

The full channel from which this blurb was taken is available from John Smallman on his website.

I think Saul's comments about the ego are important. Our ego is not our enemy, it is truly our friend and partner. But over time - and that is over time as a race, not just as individual humans - the ego has been given too much power. It has been allowed to control, when control is not its job or its purpose.

The ego has tried to control for the best of reasons, that being to protect us from what we have decided is fearful. In deciding that something is to be feared, rather than something to shift, the ego has willingly obliged. It has come forward to protect us. Since it believes it is in charge of protecting us - we gave it that power after all - it knows it must protect itself first. It cannot protect us if it dies, now can it? And so the ego will protect itself at all costs, even at the cost of the physical body.

What the ego fails to grasp, because it is not within the purvue of the ego to grasp, is that there is nothing to fear. Does a painter fear his painting, even if the painting does not yet portray what he wishes it to portray? Does an actor fear the role he plays on stage, even if the role is of evil intent? Does a writer fear his stories because they describe unpleasant events or experiences? The answer to each of these questions of course, is "no."

We, as part and parcel of Prime Creator, God, All That Is, or whatever you wish to call Source presence, create that which we call our reality. We do so in the very same way that a painter creates a painting, that a writer creates a story, that an actor plays a role. We do it from outside the reality that is created, just as paintings, stories, and plays are created from outside the painting, story, or play. We control the content, expression, and experience of our lives just as we control the content, expression, and experience of our paintings, stories, and plays.

Whether it is clear to us that we create our reality or not, whether we know how we create it or not, doesn't matter. The truth of it is that we do. When we can stand from that place, the place of knowing beyond any shadow of a doubt that everything that we see, everything that we experience, is by our personal choice and agreement, then we can truly direct the ego back into an appropriate role. Then we attain the true freedom that is the Creator-given right of every being that exists.

To access that space of "outside the creation", we need to quiet the rational mind, which is a tool of the ego. We need to stand apart from the decisions that we have made that are being attended to automatically by the ego, in order to determine if those actions are in our true (soul-level) best interests or not.

Sometimes they are, more often they are not. When they are not, we have essentially lost control of the vehicle. We have allowed the ego to not only drive, which is its role, but to tell us where we are to go, and what route we are to take. The destination and the path are not the ego's role, that is our role, as creator-beings.

At any time in which we are not taking responsibility for that which we are experiencing, you could say that the ego is driving without our input. Or perhaps better said, since we aren't offering any input, it's driving us where and how we have told it to drive in the past, based on decisions that we have made that we may not even know that we made, decisions that may or may not apply to the current situation. Doesn't matter. Awareness of a decision is not required; the ego listens even when we don't know we're talking. The ego takes instruction and does its job the best that it knows how. Whether we intended it that way or not.

"This is my first choice."

So it happens that very often we don't provide appropriate guidance to the ego. We aren't used to doing so, we were never taught to do so, and many of us don't even believe we can do so, let alone agree that this is truly our role as creator-beings.

The Eloheim, through Veronica Torres, offers us a tool to get back in charge of the vehicle. They call it "This is my first choice", and suggest we use it when confronted with experiences that we fear and/or rail against. Not simply "I chose this" but more strongly "Among the infinite possibilities available to me at this precious moment in time, I chose this one"; "I chose it above and beyond all others, this was my first choice." Very powerful way to take responsibility for what the ego is doing. Because, again, the ego is only following our instruction, following the program, so to speak.

Having been in the computer industry for over 30 years, I know that computers do exactly as they are told. If there's an error in computation, in execution, in presentation, it's because some programmer somewhere erred in the instructions that were given, or through malfunction of some sort, an error was created. The computer, much blame as we would like to assign to it, is not responsible. We, the programmers and users, are responsible for the instructions that we give the machine. To rail at the machine is fruitless, as fruitless as railing against the ego. The ego, like the computer that it is, is only following our instruction. Change the instruction, change the experience. It's really as simple as that. The key is that one has to stand outside the experience to do it.

So once we've accepted full and complete responsibility for an experience, it becomes much easier to choose differently, by either responding differently in the moment, or by accepting the current experience and intending/envisioning a different result. Generally the situation will shift in the moment, but if it doesn't, be confident that you've directed the ego to a new and different experience in the future. This is how we take charge of our lives - we no longer let past decisions drive us. What was an appropriate decision for the ego in a reality of duality is generally not appropriate in higher density realities. As soon as we see our role as creator in any given situation, we have the opportunity to shift the energy by choosing again.

Note: Saul suggests that we gain access to the ability to direct the ego through meditation. I agree, meditation is an amazing and wonderful way to step outside of the rational mind and duality, and experience the bigger picture. I've seen the results in people that I know, and I highly recommend it to everyone.

I would add, however, that traditional meditation is not the only way to achieve a feeling of oneness with all. Some of us - and I am one - don't meditate. I have a strong connection to Source without formal meditation, and a seemingly innate ability to quiet my mind without what most people would consider formal meditation. I have been an observer of life since I was a child, able to distance myself from whatever drama is going on around me and stand in a place of calm, compassion, and understanding of both sides of any issue. I suppose you could say it's one of the special gifts that I brought to the planet. I know others with the same abilities. If you are one such as me, do not concern yourself if meditation is not for you. The objective is to be able to quiet the rational mind, move into a space of over-viewing, such that the ego can be directed appropriately. That can be done with or without meditation. Or maybe we simply need to adjust our definition of meditation. :)

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