My Personal Confrontation With Fear

Dear Readers,

I want to share with you a very powerful growth experience that I worked through today, centered around a gut-wrenching fear. I share my experience in the hopes that you gain whatever insight might be available for you in your own life.

It all started with a message I sent to what I call my "inner circle" of friends and family:

Dearest friends,

The time we have awaited appears to be near at hand. What time is that you ask? The time for disclosure of the fact that we are not alone in the Universe, that our governments and numerous corporate leaders have known this fact and have kept it a secret from humanity for their own reasons.

I could give you links that you could read for yourselves, but my knowing goes far deeper than anything that has been said or posted. Besides, the information is easy enough to find if you care to do so. I personally recommend The 2012 Scenario as an information source, but the internet is a big place, and you each likely have your own trusted sources already.

Exactly how disclosure will be revealed, by whom, and exactly when, is unknown. What is known is that the time is very close. The event window that has been given is the current Olympics in London. Certain world leaders have been asked to provide disclosure themselves, but for their own reasons have not done so. A final deadline for their voluntary action has been given. That deadline is Aug 4, 2012. If voluntary disclosure has not happened by that date, our star brothers and sisters will disclose themselves.

Again, exactly how, when, and where are not known, but since so many human beings all over the globe are focused on the event of the Olympics, disclosure is expected to fall within the window of this two-week event. That could change of course, but I don't expect it to. If it does, simply know that all timing is divinely inspired and it will occur when it occurs.

As you all know, there are many many human beings for whom disclosure will be a profound shock. The deception in our world has been deep and long, going back thousands of years. The potential for fear and acting out is very real. It is our combined job at this point to help ensure that those who react in fear have someone who is not in fear to turn to. In your circle of friends, family, and associates, that someone is you.

This is what you have been preparing for. Now is the time to be the light that you came to be. You don't need to forewarn others unless you feel inspired to do so, simply be aware that it is coming. Be ready to field questions, calm hearts, and hold the energy for this to pass quickly, joyously, and for the highest good of all concerned.

Be assured that any negative events on a global scale will not happen. That said, humans are humans, and on an individual basis, acting out could occur. It is our job as the awake and aware to minimize those possibilities.

We all know that global ascension cannot proceed until this crucial information is revealed. And what a joyous time it will be after the initial shock, disbelief and potential fear has passed! I find that my own excitement is hard to contain, combined with a fair share of relief that finally, finally, action on this front is happening. Maybe you feel the same way. This is the key to world-wide changes that are about to blow our socks off, and I for one am honored to be able to play a part. Exciting times these are!

On a personal note I want to thank each of you for being my partner in this energy. We are on the very threshold of the future that we have been creating and waiting for, for more lifetimes than we can count. I couldn't be more pleased or more proud of each and every one of you.

If there is anything that I can do to help you, any information or guidance that I can provide, please do not hesitate to ask.

As always, I caution you to listen to your heart and follow your own guidance above all else, above what I or anyone else would say.

Light, love, and blessings to you all.


- K

PS - Each of you may hold whatever feelings you have about our US president and that is perfectly fine. But I feel it's important for me to share that I, among many lightworkers and lightmasters, hold Obama as an aware being of the light, one of many around the world who is supported by the light factions and ready to help us usher in the new era. When finally freed of the tethers of the old political structure, I think you are going to see a whole 'nother side of this man.
In case you aren't aware, there is a huge amount of controversy about this particular potential, the potential that world-wide disclosure is imminent, and the exact timeline of it. Although I'm rarely one to drop squarely down on either side of any issue, preferring to keep all my options open, I felt compelled to share what little I know - or think I know - about this potential with those closest to me. But as important as this message, this email, might be (or might not be), this post isn't about the message.

A funny thing happened after I hit "send" on that email. Or maybe not so funny, depending on your point of view. ;) What happened is that all of a sudden I was nearly overcome with fear. "What if I'm wrong?" "What if disclosure isn't even close, let alone imminent?" "What if I look like a fool?" "What if they misunderstand what I've said?" "What if they don't agree with me?" "What if I lose credibility with those closest to me?" "What if I haven't used my own discernment and have been fooled myself?" And finally "Why did I think sending this message was a good idea??" After all that self-doubt and questioning, my heart was racing and my body shaking from all the adrenalin these fears were causing to be pumped into my system.

I should state that I'm no stranger to heart-pounding anxiety and fear. These are feelings I've come to know well over my lifetime. In fact for the longest time I didn't know any other feeling. Along with being extremely sensitive, I was what people referred to as "jumpy." The smallest noise, movement, or touch, known or unknown, could have my heart leaping into my throat. I thought this response was normal. When people would rub my shoulders and comment that they could feel my tension or anxiety, my response was always "Really? I don't feel anything, feels like normal to me."

After many years of personal growth and seeking my own truths, I've realized that the anxiety that I lived with wasn't the way people were supposed to feel. But it was the way I felt. Getting a bit of prolonged relief from the anxiety led me to realize just how much fear ruled my life. After that it became a mission of mine to get to the root of my fears and release them. Suffice it to say that over the years I've made great strides with anxiety and fear, such that when I feel anxiety now I know it for what it is.

After all that growth, the degree to which sending out this message threw me back into a state of high anxiety shocked me. Knowing that all fear must be released before we can hope to enter into a 5th density reality, I was determined to experience it fully so that it could be released. I realized that this fear that I was feeling had little to do with the message itself, the message itself was irrelevant. The feeling had everything to do with my expectations. In other words the fear wasn't coming from what I had said, it was coming from what I believed might be the result for me personally of what I had said.

And so I sat down and tried to allow the feeling of fear to come to the surface. It wasn't terribly easy. I had my rational mind to give me all the reasons why I wasn't feeling what I was feeling, or shouldn't be. My rational mind is really good with admonitions like "Buck up! Be strong! Stop being a sissy!" But my body was telling me something different. My body was telling me that the fear was very real, and I knew that this time I needed to listen to my body and not my mind.

So rather than hide from it, or pretend it didn't exist, or rationalize my way out of it, or listen to the thousand and one thoughts coming to me about what an idiot I was for thinking I could make a difference in the world, I allowed the fear to be present. I felt it in my heart. I felt it in my chest. I felt it in my throat. I felt it in my stomach. I felt it in my skin. I felt it everywhere. I tried to remember to breath, but sometimes all the breathing did was send me into a convulsion of choking. This was the core fear that I'd been hiding from, running from, all my life. I felt it taking me over and for a moment, a split second in my reality, I felt like the fear was all that I was, and that I would never be anything but fear.

When that happened I got really pissed. No longer did I feel afraid, I felt pissed. I wasn't about to be controlled by this feeling. I proclaimed to the Universe and anyone who could hear that I would not be cowed by fear. Never again. Not ever. I have as much right as the next guy to be free, and being afraid is not the road to freedom. This declaration was like a revelation for me. With it I realized that it was me who had allowed fear to rule me. I further realized that I was the one, the only one, who could release myself from it.

And then I cried. And cried. And cried. I think I cried for the myriad aspects of myself over many lifetimes who had been told that fear was necessary, who actually believed that other beings and other things had power over me, who believed that it was right and proper to fear. Not only right and proper, but in fact, necessary, even required.

Only it isn't! That's a tough one for us who have been so indoctrinated over centuries, potentially millenia, to respond to fear. Yet no one, no being, physical or non-physical, has the god given ability to induce fear in another, and no being has the god given imperative to accept fear into their reality. Fear is a choice. We don't have to choose it.

God is not fear. God is in fact the opposite of fear. The age old adage "God is Love" is absolutely true. God IS Love. You are God. Ergo You are Love. Love and fear cannot be present in the same moment. You are either God / Love or you are not. If you are not, then you are Not God / Fear. All emotions are simply variations of the state of love or the state of fear.

Fear is a paper tiger. It's the ace-in-the-hole for any being who in the moment does not know and/or cannot accept love. Because another flings fear and fearful experiences doesn't mean the rest of us need to take that fear and carry it around. We do not. We have the ability - and I would assert the responsibility - to refuse to accept the offering of fear, or to accept fear as a part of our reality. Certainly not as a requirement of our reality!

As a society and as individuals we've bought into fear as a way of life. It's been handed down generation after generation, and we have continued to give it credence. But I ask you, what kind of life is that, a life of fear? Not the life that our Creator gave to us, that's for sure. We bought into the fear for our own reasons, for our own growth, for our own desire to experience what it is like to be "not God".

It's time to give that up. We have experienced "Not God" for a good long while; now it's time to experience "As God". 'As God' is not fear, 'As God' is love. Not the kind of love we think of as love, the conditional kind that has all sorts of "need to's" around it, but unconditional love, God-Love, the kind of love that allows each of us to be who we are, with no need to satisfy anyone. That is Sovereignty. That is Love. That is God.

Do I think that because of my declaration I'll never have fear come up again? Hardly. But I know now that I can choose how I respond to fear. I know now that I've finally allowed myself to feel fear, fully and completely. I didn't try to hide from it, I didn't pretend I wasn't experiencing it, I didn't try to rationalize it away, and I didn't chastise myself for succumbing to it, all things that I had done in the past when confronted with fear. It may seem like an odd thing to say, but I know now that fear is a paper tiger, and that makes all the difference.

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