The Future - Getting Prepared

I'd been pondering the terms "action" and "reaction", terms that indicate whether we are consciously aware of how we are responding to a situation and "acting", or consciously unaware and (unconsciously) "reacting". I decided to create an article that talks about these two distinctly different states of being.

Then, as fate .. or law of attraction ;) .. would have it, I came across a post I made almost a year ago entitled "Cleaning Up After Ourselves - Emotions and Empowerment". That was a pretty long post, and the concept of action vs reaction and the ramifications on our future of these two concepts, while addressed, got rather buried in the rest of the message. But in re-reading that old article, I realized that it addresses what I'd been thinking about pretty well, and is worth reposting the last portion of it .. though slightly edited for clarity.

The Future

In times past, that is, in those thousands of years before humanity (at the higher self level) decided to attempt to move (back) into a higher vibration as a race along with Earth/Gaia - in other words before "the Shift" - humans were given help in cleaning up their emotional "messes". Protections were in place, and other entities worked with us, to transmute much of the strong emotional energy that we released unawares. While "bad things" did happen as a result of our "negative" thoughts and desires, as bad as some things were, there was not nearly as much havoc created as there might have been, due to the help provided and our buffer of time.

For most of us alive on the planet today, that kind of help is either no longer available or in the process of being removed. We are at the point in our evolution where we each have to be responsible for our own thoughts, beliefs, words, and actions. We must learn how to manage our energy ourselves. If we cannot, we will not be able to move into the higher vibrations. Not because we wouldn't be "allowed to", but because we'd self destruct from the attempt.

In the higher vibrations, manifestation is instantaneous. Can you imagine the havoc we could create if we were to instantaneously manifest "I hate you! I'm going to kill you!"? We say things like that, but usually we don't mean them. All something like that generally means is that we are so enraged in the moment that we don't know how to respond to our rage, we don't know what to do with it. So we say things like that. It releases the energy that has built up, energy that is so strong it cannot continue to be contained in the human vessel. We think such explosions of energy are harmless.

In a protected third-density reality we had a time lag that protected us from thoughts like those. (We had, in fact, and unbeknownst to us, teams of entities who could transmute some of that energy for us). In the time lag we had an opportunity to reconsider, to move off of an unwanted intent ("come to our senses"), and thereby not manifest it. As time collapses, the buffer of time - and the protection it brings - diminishes. Soon it will be completely gone. Will you have mastered your thoughts by then? Will you be ready to see your every whim and upset manifest in your reality instantly?

You can be. Simply by beginning now to be aware of the impact that your thoughts and words and actions have. These are fantastic times. More fantastic than most people can even begin to grasp. Teeming with opportunity! But with the opportunity comes responsibility - the responsibility to manage our own thoughts, our own energy.

We have lots of help. An unbelievable amount of help. Our helpers come from places, and help arrives in ways, that most of us aren't even remotely aware of. In some cases wouldn't be able to comprehend - or accept - even if we were aware of it. Suffice it to say that we are under a kind of Divine Dispensation, given in part to help us learn how to manage our thoughts and emotions - our energy so that we can create "heaven on Earth". Extraordinary help is being provided so that humanity, as a race, can move into the higher dimensions, so that we can aid and follow Earth on her journey there, join her in her adventure.

Take advantage of the fact that this help exists, and ask for it. Tell the Universe, your Higher Self, your guides, your angels, the Ascended Masters, whatever beings you trust or whatever terms you use, that you wish to master your thoughts and ask for help. Use whatever words or methods feel right to you, but ask. Then listen for the guidance. You can use ceremony, you can use meditation, you can get quiet in your own mind, or you can just .. ask. Your thoughts are no secret to those dedicated to helping you. But this is a planet of free choice, and that means that help cannot be imposed on you, you must ask for it, consciously and with purpose.

Begin now learning how to manage your thoughts, to ground energy, to empower others, and to find joy in everything you do. Leave judgement, guilt, resentment, and retribution in the past. Move forward consciously, as if the past never existed - for to create the future that you wish to create, truly the past does not matter.

There are thousands, if not millions, of human teachers/mentors/healers available to help you, if you want help. Like anything, managing our thoughts - acting instead of reacting - takes practice, but as you practice you will gain confidence - and pride! - in your ability. Then, when the time comes and you find yourself in a realty in which your every thought is manifest almost before you think it, you will be confident in the knowledge that you are ready.
As with all things, look to your heart for guidance in who to seek out for assistance in managing thoughts and managing energy. For those of you looking for aid and not knowing where to turn, I suggest - and highly recommend - Jim Self and Roxane Burnett at Mastering Alchemy. They offer a lot of free information and "webinars", as well as pay-for classes, but you do have to register on their website to gain access.

No matter how you proceed or with whom - even if that 'whom' is yourself and your own guides - know that we are all on this journey together. I wish you good fortune, immense joy, and grand mastery. May you truly be In Joy on your adventure!

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