You Are Not A Victim

If you've been following my comments for very long, either here or elsewhere, you'll know that I continually insist that no one is a victim. Not ever. Not under any circumstance. You can generate all the potential victim circumstances that you like and I will still insist that no, the people involved in whatever circumstances you can describe, whether it's you or someone else, whether that someone is old or young, barely born or never completed being born, or whether the experience involved one person or a thousand people, none of the people involved were victims. You may never understand or ever be able to accept this concept, but that doesn't make it not true. :p

However, there's a vast - unlimited really - amount of power in realizing that you are the architect of your own experiences, and so is everyone else. A vast amount of power - and freedom - in realizing that whatever circumstance you find yourself in, you either created it for your own reasons, or you agreed to participate in it for your own reasons. And so with everyone else. What those reasons are seems mostly unknowable to us, and that's where we tend to get off track. The reasons aren't really unknowable, but they may be well hidden. You may have compassion for the circumstances that you or others are caught up in, whatever they are, and that is as it should be. Compassion moves us toward higher frequencies. But none of that makes the concept of no victims untrue.

In an attempt to drive home this concept, here's a quote from Ramshi, 12th Dimensional Master Geneticist / Universal Architect, as channeled by Wendy Kennedy.

As a Creator Being you manifest [an] experience to encounter [a] fear, observe it and release it. You are not a victim. As you see yourself in the driver’s seat, attracting the vibrationally appropriate people into your life, you breathe deeper as you no longer see yourself in the victim role.

~ Ramshi
What Ramshi is alluding to is the idea that you can't clear a fear that you aren't aware of. A part of your current mission is to clear your fears (an absolute must if one wants to shift into higher frequencies). How can you clear something that you don't know is there? How can you stop tripping on a stone hidden under the rug if you never pull back the rug to find what you're tripping on? It's the same idea with fear. Unless and until you are confronted with a fear, you may not even be aware that it's sitting around, just under the surface of conscious awareness, causing you all sorts of grief.

So bless those who are responsible for putting fear right in your face .. for the opportunity they have offered you is profound. Whether you take the opportunity to work with the fear or not is always up to you, and there is no judgement - ever - on the part of Spirit whether you do or whether you do not. But the opportunity is there, and it's far more powerful to realize that you set it up that way than to continue to wallow in self pity insisting that someone or some thing did something to you.

The most beautiful part of this process is that once you realize how it works and take advantage of the opportunities to experience and release your fear, moving through life with fluidity becomes far easier. Once confronted, integrated and released, a fear will never haunt you again. And it will make confronting and releasing other fears far easier.

But don't worry, if you don't confront your fear this time, you'll get the opportunity to do so again. Until it's released it's not going anywhere. But that's a good thing. :)

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