About Our New Crystalline Structure

Most of us who've been actively involved in assisting the ascension process of both Earth and Humanity are aware that, over time and as we evolve into the higher frequencies, we're being "rewired". Our DNA is changing back to include the properties that were removed at different times in our (mostly unknown) history, from the two physical strands that science is aware of back to the original 12 strands, the vast majority of which are multi-dimensional in nature. As we integrate the divine male and divine female into one, and as the "veil" between the dimensions becomes more transparent, we are aware that our brain is evolving back to a single unit, rather than continuing to operate as two separate halves.

We're also aware that while we've been a carbon-based lifeform up to this point, we're becoming a crystalline-based lifeform. And we are aware that all this is happening without having to leave the body. Quite an amazing feat if you think about it. Mind-boggling really, assuming we can even begin to wrap our rational minds around such a concept. But what does all that really mean?

There are answers in many books written over the past dozen years, and information all over the web, including much information given on this site. For a little bit different take on the crystalline aspect of this evolution, here's a small section taken from a series of questions found in "Conversations with Nomar, May 2006". Nomar is an Arcturian embassador channeled by Wendy Kennedy, well-respected channel for the 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective.

Question: Could you comment on the crystalline circuitry?

Nomar: Yes, what would you like to know about it?

Question: How you can describe it in our bodies?

Nomar: You have markers within your DNA. When those markers have been flipped "on" the crystalline structure appears in your energetic body. There are connecting points within your physical structure that anchor just as your chakras are anchored between your physical and etheric body. So, it is not necessarily your physical body that is changing completely to the crystalline structure. It is your energetic body which is aligning.

Think of it as laying cable for your phone line. It is the crystalline cable that will accept the new energies that are being offered. And your physical body will be plugged in through certain power points. These points lie within the meridians. Primarily on your pineal gland, your thymus, your pituitary, all on the glandular system.

Question: Is there anything we can do to enhance this?

Nomar: It is automatic as you raise your vibration, as you are working within the frequency of love. The human coding at this time is such that the points are activated when you are working through compassion, through the frequency of love.
This is why you'll find so many energy workers and healers doing DNA activations, pineal activations, and similar. For those who want to move along faster - help lead the way, lay the groundwork, open the pathways, etc - these activations are important. For anyone else, the activations will simply be a part of the process of our mass evolution into the higher frequencies. If you're interested enough in the topic to seek out these activations there are many reputable sources. Just remember to use your intuition and discernment in finding an appropriate source to work with.

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