Thriving through Chaos

There have been a number of sources recently - Steve Rother and 'the group', Jim Self at Mastering Alchemy, Kyron through Lee Carroll, Adamus through Geoff Hoppe, the Hathors through Tom Kenyon to name just a few - who've been telling us in similar but different ways that things are heating up on the planet, both literally and figuratively. The space in which we live is getting more chaotic, and will continue to do so for the next 18 months or so.

Effects of this chaos include such diverse physical things as shifting weather patterns, and more planetary upheaval in the form of storms, eruptions, earthquakes, floods, and other “natural” disasters. On a societal level, there will be the continued breakdown and reworking of systems like banking, government, schools, and industries. The ramifications on our way of life, and our emotions in particular, will be severely impacted. Areas where we have counted on agriculture to sustain us may shift and no longer be areas where we can grow things. We are going to be pressed upon to make changes in nearly every area of life. The impact of all this chaos on human beings is going to continue to be intense, resulting in more upset, and in more dissociative and mental health disorders globally.

Yet despite how it all sounds, this is not a cause for panic, nor even upset. What it is cause for is standing back and seeing things from a different, higher vibrational viewpoint. Look at it as the final wake up call, the one that we can no longer ignore if we are to create the kind of world that we wish to create. This is the point at which - if we haven't already - we'd be wise to pay attention to what our responsibility is, both to ourselves and to the planet. Kind of a spiritual "hey! listen up here! your beliefs, thoughts, and attitude matter!"

But why is this happening?

There is good reason for all this chaos. As we move toward ascension (recall that ascension here means raising our vibration while remaining in the physical body) there are many patterns of energy, ways of being, that cannot exist in the higher vibrations. Any and all thoughts, beliefs, actions, or emotions that are fear-based will be brought to the surface for healing. Healing here meaning integration and clearing. It's pretty easy to see this happening in our personal lives, as upsets and issues we thought we'd put to rest are once again right in our face. No one is immune from this need for integration and clearing, the energies bombarding us are just too intense. But that’s A Good Thing™.

Since the planet is affected by our mass consciousness, fear-based beliefs held in mass consciousness are coming to the surface to be cleared and integrated as well. And what affects large numbers of the population, especially for those unaware of the deeper meaning of what’s going on, will only add to and exacerbate the issues. As within our own personal lives, the process of clearing and integration for the planet can be gentle or it can be severe, and the degree to which it is one or the other is - believe it or not - under our (humanity's) control.

It can be a bit (or a lot) daunting to think that we humans have the ability to affect not only ourselves but the world around us. Are we really responsible for the seemingly horrific things that happen in the world? The answer is an emphatic "yes". But keep in mind, we're also responsible for the miracles .. of which there are many! The problem - if you want to look at it that way - is that we've been gliding along for thousands of years blissfully unaware that what we think, what we believe, what we say, and the actions that we take don't simply disappear into the ether, they have an impact on ourselves and the world around us. Indeed, those things create the world around us.

The beauty in recognizing this is that we have the power to change it. As Kryon likes to say, it takes only one half of one percent of the population to change the outcome of any given scenario on the planet. That's good news, yes? But what about the other 99.5 percent? The answer to that is simple too: Focus on living life as you wish it to be no matter what is happening around you, and not only will others notice and want the same for themselves, they’ll be impacted in ways that we, in our humanness, cannot even imagine. Through you living an empowered life, others' vibration will rise, and as it does, so does the vibration of mass consciousness.

And how do we accomplish that?

It's a far simpler process than one might imagine. If you've been paying attention, you'll note that huge numbers of sources of ascension information over the last 10 years or more have been offering us one very simple (not necessarily easy) and very powerful concept by which to make miracles happen in our individual lives, and by extension, globally.

It goes something like this: Be in your joy. Develop an on-going attitude of appreciation and gratitude. Notice what's happening around you, but refuse to focus on it or participate in it energetically. Focus your attention on what you want to see, and not on what you don't want to see. If you aren’t happy with your current experience change your perspective.

This is, after all, a planet of "free choice". What that means is that we are spirit incarnate in human flesh. We might look like ordinary animal matter but we are not. We are children of god and god also. We have the inherent gift of our own unique and individual abilities to create the experiences that we call “our life”. We can change our vibration through our will. These are abilities that no other consciousness (plant, animal, mineral) on Earth has. Yet every human being alive today has those inherent abilities, whether they are aware of it or not, whether they consciously use their abilities or not. We are all the stewards for this planet and everything upon her. We are partners with Gaia/Earth, finally becoming aware enough of our own ability that we can take on our true role to support her needs, and that of others, without compromising our own.

In other words, our choices matter. Our thoughts matter. Our beliefs matter. Our actions mirror our thoughts and beliefs, and in that way our actions also matter. You might be tempted to think I got that backwards, that the most important quality is our actions, our “doing”. But backwards it is not. Why? Because our actions always mirror our thoughts and beliefs, and not the other way around. Manage the thoughts and beliefs, and the actions take care of themselves.

It is an honor to be a part of this world at this time, and with that honor comes responsibility. The responsibility to manage the power that comes with being spirit incarnate as human. I'm reminded of a comment made by Spirt through John Cali: "Use your power wisely, as you imagine God would. For you also are God." Powerful, meaningful words.

The Specifics

Each source of ascension information has given - and continues to give - their own version of how to shift energy. All are helpful, useful, and indeed powerful in their own right, and each speaks to different people at different times and in different ways. Seek out the one(s) that speak to you intuitively, but keep in mind how very simple it really is. As Jim Self at Mastering Alchemy continually reminds us, don’t confuse “simple” with “ineffective.”

That said, the Hathors through Tom Kenyon, in their message “The Emergence of Multiple Chaotic Nodes” offer what I see as a most simple and meaningful process to change the reality in which we live. I have used - and am using - this very simple technique to great advantage. May it assist you and guide you to an ever-more increasing love and appreciation of the life and opportunities that you have given yourself.

The Basic Technique - The Hathors Speak

simply reside in the feelings of appreciation or gratitude, without any reason to do so. In other words, you are not looking to something in your environment or your life to feel appreciation or gratitude for. You simply enter into this vibratory state for no other reason other than choosing to do so.

This vibratory state creates a coherency in your body and mind, and it is a type of mental/emotional upliftment that acts as a counter-balance to the downward spiral many humans will be experiencing.

We recommend that you enter this emotional state several times a day. Just a minute or two is all that is needed, but by entering into this vibratory state throughout the day, you train your brain/mind/body to enter into a coherent state at will. And this will be a very helpful and important mind-skill as you enter further into this planetary transition state (i.e. the emergence of multiple Chaotic Nodes).

One reason we say that this mind-skill will be helpful to you is due to the inherent effects of multiple Chaotic Nodes.

Many of you will find greater opportunities for frustration in your daily life. This is because actions taken will increasingly not lead to the result anticipated. Even those of you who are intellectually gifted and masters of manifestation may find blocks and unanticipated hindrances, due to no causation on your part, but rather due to the actions or inactions of others, as well as unanticipated problems caused by the increase of chaotic events in the world around you. Thus, when you find yourself at your wit’s end, so to speak, if you have cultivated the positive attractor of appreciation or gratitude you can use it to intervene into your own emotional turmoil, for if you succumb to your own emotional stress the contagion of mass hysteria is more likely to reach you.

Think of this simple technique as a lifesaver. It’s something passive, you just rest in it, and it creates a vibratory field that by its very nature protects your emotional and spiritual essence.

~ The Hathors

Here is Tom’s explanation of The Hathors' very simple and straight-forward process.

The Basic Technique - Tom’s explanation and expansion
The idea here is to enter into the emotion, or feeling-state, of appreciation or gratitude. And you enter this state of body and mind for no reason other than choosing to experience it.

In other words, you don’t look to something in your life that you feel appreciation or gratitude for. You enter into this feeling-state through an act of will.

According to the Hathors, when you reside in this state of body and mind, you create what they call a positive attractor. It positively affects your mood, your thinking, and your behavior and, they would say, your vibrational energy-field as well.

The Hathors are suggesting that we enter into this feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude several times a day—so that we become masters of it—meaning that we can enter it anytime of day or night at will.

They say that this ability will serve us greatly as we, and the other nearly 7 billion people on this planet, enter more deeply into the consequences of so many Chaotic Nodes. In other words—the feeling state of appreciation or gratitude is an antidote, a mental/emotional protection, against chaotically induced stress responses.

The more often you practice this flipping of your mental/emotional state into the feelings of appreciation or gratitude, the better you will become at it. This type of emotional brain skill is just that—a skill. And like all skills, mastery is gained through repetition. We have to build the neuro-circuits in our brains before we can count on the response to be there when we most need it.

If you are the type of person with a well-developed neural network that gives you access to your emotions, you can probably just recall the feeling of appreciation or gratitude. And as you do so, you will notice the quality of your emotions changing into the coherent and positive feeling of appreciation or gratitude. Now all you need to do is choose to enter into this feeling-state several times a day. Do it as a type of mental experiment. Do it in situations when it is easy and do it in situations when it is difficult to do, like when you are annoyed, impatient or angry. See what happens when you intervene into your own mental/emotional experience with this coherent emotional state (i.e. appreciation or gratitude).  And remember, the more you practice this, the more adept and masterful you will become.

If you are the type of person who does not have direct access to your emotions, you might try the memory recall method. The idea, here, is that when you remember an event or a situation in which you experienced an emotion, the emotion tends to come back into your awareness when you access the memory.

Thus, the first step is to recall something in your past that you felt appreciation or gratitude for. It does not matter what the reason was. It could have been something big, or it could have been something small. It really doesn’t matter so long as you felt some degree of appreciation or gratitude.

The next step is to recall the actual memory. Remember the situation, the details of where you were. Bring all your senses into this experience. Imagine yourself actually physically being there. See it; hear it; feel the physical sensations. As you fine tune your memory of what it was that made you feel appreciation, you will find yourself feeling that emotion again.

The final step is to let the memory drop away so that what you have left is the feeling-state itself. As you rest in this coherent emotion of appreciation or gratitude, familiarize yourself with its quality. Eventually you will be able to recall the feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude without having to go to the memory. At this point, you are ready to enter into the coherent feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude several times a day. And remember… practice makes perfect.

Some people are unable to access the feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude either directly or through the memory recall method. This is usually due to many different factors such as neural networking in the brain and especially past history. In other words, when these persons go searching for something in the past they felt appreciation or gratitude for, they come up empty. They simply cannot recall any positive experience that would generate these types of feelings.

If you happen to be this type of individual, you can create a new neural network in your brain that will allow you to experience the coherent feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude even though you have never actually experienced it in your life.

To do this, you will be engaging something called creative fantasy. And as odd as it may sound, in certain situations the body/mind cannot tell the difference between a real and an imagined event.

When you create a healing fantasy, you release powerful healing responses in your body/mind even though the source for these healing responses is your imagination! 

The first step in this particular method is to think of something that would make you feel appreciation or gratitude. It doesn’t matter what this imaginary something is. It could be something really big, or something simple. It just needs to be something that would make you feel appreciation or gratitude.

Next, you start to build the fantasy by imagining yourself in the situation and receiving whatever it is that would make you feel appreciation or gratitude. Imagine yourself fully and completely in this situation, as if it were actually happening. See it; feel the physical sensations; hear the sounds.

As you fill in your senses, the fantasy will seem more and more real to you. When you feel the emotion of appreciation or gratitude rising up within you, let the fantasy drop away so that you are left with the feeling.

Sometimes people have a secondary response to the fantasy in addition to the feeling of appreciation or gratitude. These secondary responses can include such feelings as sadness, regret, or anger that they never had anything in their life that made them feel either appreciation or gratitude.

If this happens for you, allow yourself to experience the secondary responses. The idea here is not to cover anything up, especially authentic emotional responses to situations in your life. The idea is to introduce a new feeling-state that you can work with.

If you let yourself feel the secondary responses long enough, they will eventually fade in their intensity. At this point, return to the fantasy and let the feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude rise up again. Then rest in this coherent feeling-state as long as you are comfortable with it so that you begin to recognize its quality.

Some people with a lot of secondary responses may have to go through this creative fantasy method several times. Stick with it, as both it and you are worth the effort.

When you sense the feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude arising from your fantasy work without secondary responses, you are ready to start experimenting with the coherent feeling-state as described above. Experiment with it. Try it in all types of situations. The more you practice entering into appreciation or gratitude at will, the more masterful you will become.

There is another, often unexpected benefit from doing this practice. As you enter into this coherent feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude over and over again at will, you create a positive attractor. And you will eventually attract to you situations, people and opportunities that will make you feel appreciation or gratitude in your real life.

~ Tom Kenyon
I'm reminded of these two quotes from Abraham:
Appreciation is the secret to life. Become a person who appreciates and you will thrive; you will fulfill your reason for being.
The greatest gift that you could ever give to another is your own happiness, for when you are in a state of joy, happiness, or appreciation, you are fully connected to the Stream of pure, positive Source Energy that is truly who you are. And when you are in that state of connection, anything or anyone that you are holding as your object of attention benefits from your attention.
With love, appreciation, and gratitude for who you be and all that you do!
~ k

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