Cycles of Change

The following message, taken from Jennifer Hoffman's Uriel Heals newsletter, is a great reminder about what we're going through right now as spiritual beings in a physical body. While what we're experiencing seems extraordinarily stressful and confusing, Jennifer and Uriel remind us that this is a natural part of the ascenscion process.

I don't use the word ascension often, as I find it a very loaded term in our current society. In a nutshell, what ascension really means is reaching a higher vibrational level without leaving the physical body. It's easy to reach a higher vibrational level, it happens instantly when you die! Ascension in this context means staying with the body as you raise to a new level, which is another way of saying as you move from 3D to 4D/5D.

In and Out, Back and Forth

We do not have to wonder whether we are on our ascension journey, each of us has been on it for lifetimes. Ascension is about transcending the material, human experience and raising our vibrations to move out of the third dimension into higher dimensions of being. Each of us will connect with the dimension that matches our vibration and then we will cycle through another ascension process as we create the possibility of access into higher and higher vibrational potentials. But while we are on this journey we experience the gap, being in the space where we are between dimensions and it can be uncomfortable.

Our physical bodies are being re-worked, re-wired and re-configured to be able to access higher dimensional levels. This is an intense process that often stretches our physical resources to the limit. While it is happening we are exhausted, emotional, experience changes in our health, develop unusual allergies, aches and pains, have food sensitivities, and have substantial weight gain that we acquire in order to stay grounded. All of these symptoms will pass as our bodies adjust and they are part of being in between dimension, the gap, as we find the energetic space that fits our vibrations.

We do not make a sudden, permanent leap into a new dimension. Instead, we go back and forth, moving into a higher dimension and back into the third. Each time we access a higher level we are able to see the additional healing that we need to do, so we return to do the healing work. The gap is uncomfortable because we no longer fit in any dimension, we are no longer fully in the third and not yet fully in our new dimensional home. We have to be at an energetic vibration that allows us to be in both and we can feel split, on foreign territory, alienated, alone and confused. This too shall pass but it is part of the process.

Each of us needs to be aware that while we are ascending and moving out of our vibrational comfort zones we are processing vast amounts of information and energy. Taking time to rest when our bodies tell us they are tired, being quiet and still when we need time to regroup, and staying focused on our ascension goals will help us stay on the path. For those of you who have gained weight, much of it is water, which acts as a buffer for the intense energy downloads that you are acquiring and it will eventually leave by itself. Take care of your body, stay grounded, remember to breathe and know that you are not alone, we are all going through this.


JoyGirl said...

This is a helpful post, K. Thank you. I know my vibration has been "off" for a while now. I'm rather bummed about that knowing (feeling!). I am hopeful though that things are coming full circle and I'll be back to myself... or a much improved version of myself. Hurry up, Higher Self! Oh, and the excess weight can go away, pronto!

Kathelena said...

Knowing that all things go in cycles was an awakening for me. I recall years ago the big thing was biorhythms, looking at how our bodies go through physical cycles, lots of them. Now we know that our psyches go through cycles as well, and that knowing can help us manage the inevitable valleys.

And not to worry, you're already on the way back up or you wouldn't be able to stomach reading inspirational material. ;) Welcome back JoyGirl!