The Truth As A Moving Target

For most of my life I've used the term 'All That Is' as my definition of God. The term 'God/god' was a difficult one for me, since there was this all powerful, all knowing, fearful 'God' as described in religion, and then the 'gods' who seemed all too human in characteristics as described in places like greek mythology.

It was all very confusing to me, which one was right - one god or many gods, loving god or fearful god. So when I discovered, from Seth, the term 'All That Is' that term really struck a chord. 'All That Is' seemed to entail "that which is greater than me yet also a part of me". For me it described both a powerful creator and yet allowed for me, and every one and every thing else, to belong to that powerful energy. That term, All That Is, allowed me to feel connected whenever I felt separated, which was often.

Another term that became dear to me was 'The Universe.' Unlike many - perhaps most - other humans, I had no sense of personal guides or angels. I did have a sense of help and guidance, but it was very non-specific and I used the term 'The Universe' to describe it. As in: when you have a desire you send it out into 'The Universe' and allow 'The Universe' to bring it, solve it, or guide you to it, depending upon what it is you are wanting. When I discovered the Law of Attraction, my term 'The Universe' fit pretty well. It allowed me to see that 'something' caused the Law of Attraction to work and that 'something' was what I called 'The Universe.'

What I began to realize over the years is that what I called 'The Universe', others called Spirit Guides, Angels, Helpers, Guardian Angels, Spirit Animals, and similar terms. As I discussed in my last post "World Citizen, Galactic Citizen", I've come to realize that 'The Universe' that I have been referring to all these years is a group of very real entities dedicated to helping me, and all of earth, evolve. Among these entities helping to guide me through the labyrinth of this thing called 'my life', I found, are both of my parents, gone from earth life but still very much a part of the earth process, helping to guide our, and my, ascension.

For those of you who have been aware of the energy of the personal guides in your life, my experience will seem strange. "Spirit guides are real! How could she not know such a thing?" For those of you who are unaware of any guiding energy at all, my experience will seem strange. "There's nothing beyond human! How could she think such a thing?" Only those people who have experienced guiding energy in the way that I have - as a very generalized 'The Universe' or whatever term they use - will have the direct experience to understand what I have felt all these years. Only those who experienced this guidance in the way that I did will be able to understand what seemed like a truth to me. Which leads me to the subject of this post: the moving target that we humans call 'The Truth'.

What is Truth?

For the vast majority of us, The Truth doesn't change. The Truth is The Truth, and it isn't different for each of us. For us, 'The Truth' is factual. It can't be debated. The Truth 'is'. Or so we believe. And that belief in itself is a Truth.

What I'm coming to realize is that there is no 'The Truth' that is the same for all of us and never changes. 'The Truth' exists, but it is individual for each of us. We each create our own reality, and though that reality intersects and cooperates with others' realities, it contains Truths that are our uniquely our Truths. We might share Truths with others from time to time, but expecting all to share the same Truth is an expectation that can't be fulfilled.

It's a hard concept to grasp, that there is no 'The Truth'; that what we perceive as 'The Truth' is only that which is real for us in any moment. That kind of shakes our foundation, doesn't it, knowing that The Truth is a moving target. As soon as we accept one truth, it evolves, morphs, changes into another truth. It's perplexing and confusing, and the search for it helps drive our evolution.

The search for 'The Truth' is a wonderful thing, as long as we realize that what we are searching for is a moving target, ever changing. As soon as we reach for, and accept, a Truth, the next one is there calling us forward into discovery. It's the way it is. It's a wonderful system - it guarantees that we will continue to expand and evolve. It guarantees that creation will continue. The search for Truth is a desire, and desire is, as Abraham says, what puts the infinite into infinity.

The difficult part, and what leads to our seeming inability to accept each other just the way we are, is that in our quest for 'The Truth' we revere our own truth and discard any other. We see our truth as 'The Truth' and go around trying to get other people to accept our truth as The Truth. It is, as far as I can tell, at the heart of why we can't seem to get along. We accept our truth as The Truth, when in fact there is no 'The Truth'. We are all on our own journey through experience, our own separate discovery paths, and therefore The Truth will only and ever be The Truth for us, and only true during the moments in which we hold it as The Truth. In any following moment that truth might change.

The sum total of all our experiences, in all realities, in all dimensions, makes up the experience of All That Is. Each of us on our own individual journey, and all of that experience pooled into the greater whole of which we are all a part, and an equal part at that. Each of us following our own Truths as we do, moving and evolving toward new Truths.

It's a very freeing sensation to realize that your truth is The Truth. For you. It's very expanding and freeing to realize that some one else's truth is also The Truth - for them. Knowing that allows us to all experience what we experience without requiring that others experience what we experience. Or having experienced something together, not requiring all to come to the same conclusions of what is Truth based on that experience.

Knowing that The Truth changes gives us the freedom to accept each other for the experience we add to the greater knowing, without requiring that others experience the same thing in the same way. It allows us to celebrate our own journey as uniquely ours, while knowing that we contribute to the whole, and to celebrate the journey of every one and every thing, knowing that they contribute to the knowing of the whole in the same way.

As Wayne Dyer wrote many years ago, "Love is the ability and willingness to allow those that you care for to be what they choose for themselves, without any insistence that they satisfy you." That becomes really easy when we realize that their The Truth isn't necessarily our The Truth, nor does it need to be.

Celebrate yourself for who you are, who you have been and who you are becoming .. and in that, allow your Truth to be what it is in any moment, without expecting it to always be what it is currently, or expecting others to hold the same Truth.

As stated by the Pleiadians through Barbara Marciniak:
The truth that you are attempting to understand now is the absolute truth for yourself.

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