Rules of Creation: Embracing Paradox

The following comment is from Leah, as channeled by Sal Rachele
In order to truly embrace change and, in fact, to truly CHANGE, you must first accept yourself as you are, right now, with all of your faults, with all of your “dirty laundry”.
It's a paradox, you know? How can you change, how can you improve, how can you grow, if you accept yourself as you are? Doesn't that mean you've given up? If you accept yourself, doesn't that take away all desire to be different? Inside the paradox it means just the opposite.

Paradox isn't meant to be understood with the mind. Paradox is intended to mess up the mind, twist it, turn it in on itself and force it to seek answers outside of itself.

Let's put it this way - if you create a game to play, and put yourself fully into that game, it becomes quite a challenge to 'come back to reality' doesn't it? Think about any game, sport, or activity that you love. Recall a time that you got so engrossed in it that you lost track of everything: time, your sense of self, those around you, everything. At that time your focus was so intent on what you were involved in that everything else, for you in those moments, ceased to exist.

Do you really think that you would have entered into a game like Life on Planet Earth without leaving yourself some hints about how to get re-focused to your true reality outside that game? Think of the contemplation of paradox, or things that seem paradoxical, as ways to break the 'spell' of reality as you know it on Earth, allowing you to re-focus on your true reality.

When presented with a paradox, allow it to sit with you. Don't try to figure it out, just mull it over. "Well, huh?" you might think "How interesting", "I wonder what that means"? And then let it go. Let your inner senses work on it, and at some point you might just get a flash of insight that you were not previously capable of understanding. Fun stuff!

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