World Citizen, Galactic Citizen

I give the internet kudos for bringing us humans together in a way that helps us realize, on deep levels, that we can no longer see ourselves as simply "Americans" or "Brits" or "Australians" or "Chinese" or whatever our cultural heritage says we are, but to realize that we are all members of the full community of Earth. No matter where we were born, no matter where we now reside, no matter what language we speak, we are all part of the larger community of Earth, and we are all very much the same.

We are learning that our similarities are so much more profound than our differences, and that our differences are points of celebration not points of separation. We are learning that what we do in our country, no matter where that is, affects the world at large, and what the world at large does affects us. We are learning that all of our decisions and actions impact each other, no matter where we live. It is finally becoming clear to us that we are World Citizens, and it will become even more clear as time goes on.

But there's more.

I've been intrigued recently by fully realizing that we are not only part of a world, Earth, but part of a greater group, the galaxy .. and further, the Universe.

Soon enough we are going to start discovering that as Earthians we are not the only citizens in our Universe. That's going to come as a shock to many people. Unless and until one realizes that there is activity that cannot be seen with the human eye or heard with the human ear or felt with human touch, there can be no acceptance for things like the existence of 'aliens', because we cannot 'see' them ... yet. But that time is coming.

As we raise our vibration we begin to connect with energies that we previously did not know existed. Those of us who either live with a higher vibration or can shift their vibration, have been aware of this fact (that we are not alone in the Universe) for a long time. The rest of us are catching up. Soon our global consciousness will be at a level where the reality of other life forms, in other star systems, will be obvious to us. Until then, we will continue to expand our awareness of ourselves as world citizens, looking forward to the time when we can fully accept our role as galactic citizens.

About ETs

What's extraordinarily interesting to me is that our personal guides, the ones who help us maneuver through this game called Life on Planet Earth, the ones we call Angels or Spirit Guides, or Helpers, are some of those very citizens. To us, here on Earth, unaware that other life forms exist (life form including both physical and non-physical entities), we would call these entities 'aliens' or 'ETs' (extra-terrestrials), or 'Spirits'.

For most of us, we who are unaware of their existence, terms like 'aliens' and 'ETs' have a science-fiction feel to them. We watch shows like Star Trek, Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate SG-1, War of the Worlds, and others, and the existence of 'ETs' seems like pure fantasy. We simply don't realize that just because we can't see a thing doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

There are many Earthians who know, and have known for a very long time, that not only are 'aliens' real, as real as you and I, but they make up the greater portion of the body of guides who are helping us evolve, and they have been with us in one form or another since we started this game.

Mankind is the product of genetic engineering. That's not a bad thing, that's just the way it is. Many races from many worlds, over time, created the human prototype that we see today. We say often that a human body is not what we are, being human is something we experience. We came into a human body to participate in the game called Life on Planet Earth. In particular, we came to Earth at this time to work together to take the planet and the beings who live upon it (us) into a higher dimension/frequency. For some of us this is our first time being physical, and our preparations for that have been intense.

In some basic ways, Earth is like the US of the galaxy, a melting pot for life. Earth includes so many beings from so many places it's hard to imagine why we get so bogged down in what color we are or what country we hail from. Being human is being human, no matter where your energy initially originated. The variety of different life forms and species on Earth, including plants, animals, and minerals, is unmatched anywhere in the vastness of All That Is. If you aren't currently aware of just how wonderful Earth is as a playground for life, it's time you started to remember!

When I realized that we are all 'from somewhere else', that would mean that I too was an ET. At that point I had an intense desire to know from where I had originated. I found out that there are a number of folks who channel such information, information about an individual's planetary origin.

As I always do in such matters, I follow my heart regarding who to interact with. My heart led me to a wonderful gal, Jo Amidon, who runs a web site called Light Connection. Her site contains a lot of free information about planetary origins, and she has a book "Where Are You Really From?" that highlights the different star systems and their contributions to Earth. She also offers, for a very reasonable fee, readings giving ones planet of origin, and more involved readings giving additional details about the physical attributes we chose for this incarnation.

Jo did a detailed personal reading for me, so I learned not only my planetary origin and what that means to me as a soul, but other very interesting and helpful information about physical factors that I chose for this incarnation. The information allowed me to realize that a lot of the things I've been thinking I need to change about me, or things I seemed unable to change and continually questioned "why am I like this??" I found were chosen on purpose to meet goals that I had set for this lifetime.

What a relief to know that I am the way I am on purpose! That doesn't mean I can't continue to grow and evolve. What it does mean is that I can more easily accept who I am, just the way I am, knowing that I chose certain ways of being for very specific reasons.

If you have any interest at all in your planet of origin, there are many people offering to provide this information. I highly recommend Jo, but as in all things, let your heart lead you to who might best provide this information for you.

Welcome to the galactic community, citizen!

For more information on the topic of 'we're really all ETs', visit Brighthill.net

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