More About Loving Yourself As A Key

I've posted several different articles about loving yourself being the key to everything from happiness to abundance to health to world peace, about how loving ourself is the most important—and effective—thing we can do. At some point I hope you'll understand how truly important this concept is and accept it as your own.

In that vein, here's another take. This from an interactive session with the Pleiadians received by Barbara Marciniak back in the early '90s:

QUESTION: Can you speak about ways to strengthen ourselves?

PLEIADIANS: What we suggest is not always how humans think they can strengthen themselves. It works very, very well. It is making an appointment with yourself and saying, "I love you, Self. You are a good Self. You are a wonderful Self. You are my Self. You are my own Self. You are my best Self. You are me here in this reality and I love you. You are magnificent. You are A-Number l. The best Self."

When you give yourself the dignity of your own love as if you were royalty receiving the accolades of the people .. when you do that for the self that you are, the physical vehicle that is yours to operate with, everything changes and strength becomes yours because you believe in and love who you are. When you believe in and love the vehicle that you are everything starts to go your way.

The big thing is making the commitment to believe it is possible that you deserve love. No one else has to love you. You are not here to go around gathering love from other people to convince yourself that you are worth it.

You are here to master a very difficult task in a system that is dark that gives very little input, stimulation, information about the true story. You are here to do the impossible. By loving yourself and making that commitment the number one step from which you operate every day, it all falls into place.
QUESTION: What about the dilemma of getting to know yourself and not liking what you see?

PLEIADIANS: It is an excellent point, the dilemma of getting to know oneself—which comes with developing self-awareness and self-esteem—and not liking what one sees. Change it. What you are seeing is only your judgment anyway. You all love to call yourselves right or wrong. "I am beautiful today," and the next day, "I am what the cat dragged in." You do this to yourselves, back and forth, all the time. Why judge it?

You are learning. You are on your journey and you are feeling that certain expressions of behavior and experience give you exhilarations and others make you want to turn your head. When you are finding this within yourself you are allowing yourself to develop along a pathway. If you are finding that there is a portion of yourself that you do not like, allow yourself to love that portion and to release it. If you don't like a part of yourself then let it go.

Utilize the rules and make a new you. Change your behavior. Believe that you can change a portion of yourself. But don't release it out of hatred or anger. Allow yourself to realize that whatever it is that you are perceiving that you did not particularly approve of, you birthed it into being. Let it go. Do not tether it to yourself any longer.

It is not that you are going to always love every portion of yourself for you are teaching yourselves and you are bound to run across something that is going to get your attention. It is a message to gather more information and ultimately give you more compassion for others. So, be more easy on yourselves.

Until you love yourself, you are not going to experience love from anywhere else. This light energy that is being sent to you and this light energy that permeates existence, is made up of love. It is a substance of being that permeates all things. If your scientists were to break down the particles of the most minute aspect of existence to find out what makes everything go and everything tick, it is love. It's what connects you. It is what keeps you alive.

Start with yourselves. Realize that in this game you picked yourselves. You picked yourselves to be the player that you would move around in this aspect of existence.

When you don't accept responsibility for the player that you picked, you deny your participation in the game. And so you are moved across the board of life without any control, always looking to connect with love and never realizing that in order to connect with love you must turn on your own light, which is turned on with self-love. When you turn on your own light by loving yourself because you have selected yourselves, and by not judging yourself, then the game completely changes. Then you don't go looking for love. You are it.

When you are love, and when you move with love, all you bring back to yourself is love because you are like a beacon and you draw it all to yourself. When you do not love yourself and you go out looking for love, you cannot even see it because you do not have the electromagnetic capacity to even recognize it, to even draw it to yourself.

Remember that you, yourselves, are your primary tools for enjoyment and experience. It is you, yourselves, who are your greatest teachers. So live, for you have it all within you. Everything else, when you discover this, will unfold before you in the most glorious magic of being.
I know what you're thinking .. how strange people will think you are if you start shouting "I love Me!" every day. Do it anyway, it's worth doing!

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