Where Did Earth Come From?

Where did this Earth come from? How do you think you all got here? How do you think your bodies are formed? How do you think this podium is created? How do you think the earth exists? What did it come from? Is it an illusion? It's not an illusion, it's a reality! A reality that exists because lots of thinkers, somewhere, sat and thought about what they wanted to see. Someone envisioned.

Before there was matter that is tangible and discernible by your physical sensors, there was a thinker, in this case many thinkers, that envisioned and imagined and knew and found it familiar—before the manifestation occurred.

You, out here on the leading edge of thought, continuing the experience of your physical life, are not different from the Non-physical creators that set your earth into motion to begin with. You, at another level of your being, are that creator. And here you are in this body, continuing that process. You are creators, you see? You have access to the Energy that creates worlds! We think you can create that thing that you want.

Excerpted from the Abraham workshop in Phoenix, AZ on Sunday, March 21st, 1999

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