The Uniqueness of You

In all the universe, in all of creation, whether you believe we are all gods, whether you believe that a single God created us or that multiple gods created us, it doesn’t matter. How we came to be (as fascinating as I personally find that discussion to be) really doesn’t matter. What matters is that you come to understand that in all the world, in all the universe, in all of creation, each of us is unique. You are unique. Whether you believe in reincarnation, as I do, or whether you don’t, it doesn’t matter, because in all that ever was, in all that is, in all that ever will be, there will never be a another you.

Do you realize how special that makes you? In all of the world, in all the universe, in all of creation, there will never be another you. Even if you believe, as I do, that we are all connected, or whether you don’t, you are still uniquely who you are. You’re it. You’re the one. You are you. You can’t be someone else, you can only be you. Someone else can’t be you, they can only be them.

Seems obvious, doesn’t it? So obvious that you might wonder why I would even bring it up, let alone put so much emphasis on it. But knowing that means something. It means that you know you like no one knows you. It means that you know you like no one can know you.

And that means that only you can know what is right for you. Only you can know what feels good to you. Only you can know what you should do or how you should respond in any given moment. You are uniquely individual and no one - no one - can take that away from you. Nor should you let them.

That’s a hard one to get our mind around, isn’t it? Because if we accept that belief, that we are unique in all creation, then we have to accept that everyone else is unique also! And if everyone is unique, why on earth would we, why on earth do we, try so hard to make everyone the same?

There are close to 7 billion human beings on the planet at this time. Who are you going to listen to? Of those multiple billions of human beings, who knows you the best? Who grew up in your skin? Who experienced the experiences that you experienced? Who made the decisions you made? Who - exposed to the experiences you were exposed to - made the choices you made? 

The answers are obvious: You did. You were the perfect one to make those choices for yourself. You are the perfect one to make choices for yourself. 

You are unique. Ponder that for a moment. You bring something to All That Is that no one will ever bring again. You, with your absolutely unique experiences. You, with your absolutely unique history. I think that's amazing. And wonderful! Personally, I cannot imagine a world filled with everyone just like me. How boring that would be!

Celebrate the fact that you are unique, and celebrate the fact that everyone else is too. We don’t all have to agree, in order to get along. We don’t all have to agree, to enjoy life. Even if not one other single person agrees with you, if you feel good about you, that’s all that matters. You are entitled to feel good about you. It’s what you came here to do.


From Quado, as received by Carrie Hart

No one else defines you. You define you. Do not allow society to label you as good or bad, fat or skinny, rich or poor, old or young. These are fashions that come and go, parts of your society that mirror you in ways that would not be true in another time or another society. They are relative, not absolute.

And so, you can choose not to acknowledge them. You can choose not to give them credence and not to accept their judgment in your life.

You can choose freedom and power, a power that comes from all that you are, a power that comes from the fuel of your experience, your love, joy and laughter, your tears, your anger, your fears and doubts. All of it is fuel for your power. All of it is a part of the unique individual that you are. All of it is what creates the creative spark of youness, shining out in the world.

You are loved. You are love. You are one with all that is. You have all the power, all the love, just as you are, right now.

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