The Game

There's only one way for me to start this blog, and that is by sharing with you a story that has had the most profound impact on my life of anything I've read, seen, or heard in the last 20 years.

The Game of Hide and Seek

What follows is a description of life on planet Earth. This story is from a collective of loving entities simply known as "The group" channeled by Steve Rother
. This was the base of all the information that followed from The group in the messages contained in their Beacons of Light over the last 12 years. It appeared verbatim in the first book from Steve and The group called 'Re-member'.

This was the group's answer to Steve’s question: "Why are we here?"

Let us take you on a journey...

All of us here are gathered in a meadow at the base of a mountain. We are home and we are all playing together in perfect love. A dear brother approaches and says, "Would anyone here like to play a new Game?"

"What kind of Game?" You ask. "Is it like the ones we play now?"

"No," he replies. "It is like nothing we have ever done before. It will be an elaborate Game with many props and disguises. We will wear veils so that we can no longer see or re-member our true nature, and even the veil will be hidden from view. Then we will start the Game and begin to re-member.

This veil will be so effective that you will forget not only who you are; you will even forget home. Even as we pass each other on our paths, we will look into each other's eyes and not recognize one another. The veil will be so effective that many will look around at the props and disguises and truly believe that is all there is. You will retain all of your powers, yet you will not re-member how to use them or that they are even there.

"The Game will be played in phases, and before we start each phase of the Game we may place as many reminders in our path as we wish, to help us re-member. Be advised to place many reminders, for most of you will rationalize them away easily. We will choose the time and place of our entrances and exits on the Gameboard. We will also set up circumstances and lessons we wish to complete while we are under the veil. A tally will be kept and points will accumulate from one phase to the next. This point system will only be used by you to determine what will be included in your next phase. You will not be able to remember from one phase to the next, yet, once mastered, certain attributes may be carried forward into the next phase. You will always carry your core essence and personality, yet you will not re-member that it passes with you through the veil into every phase.

"Humor will always be a reminder that passes unchecked through the veil, and if we find you getting too serious we will tickle your funny bone as a reminder that this is only a Game. There will also be many masters available along the way to help us if we wander too far from the path. Oh yes, I almost forgot an important part of the Game... at all times there will be Free Choice. You have complete choice in all matters, you may even choose not to play the Game, or to call in a substitute. You may choose to hide, or you may choose to seek, it is entirely up to you.

"On the Gameboard there will be polarity. This has to do with the mechanics of the Gameboard itself, and will be a necessary component as it provides the contrast needed. However, polarity will taint your vision. Through eyes tainted with polarity, you perceive things as Up or Down, Light or Dark, Good or Bad, Love or Fear and Right or Wrong. Do not let this fool you, it is only illusion.

"We will all leave our higher aspects of ourselves in a special place for the duration of the Game, otherwise the Game would be much too easy. Your higher self will be available to you at all times. Your challenge will be to learn to access it, and to re-member that it exists as part of yourself. You may choose special loved ones to ride on your shoulder to advise you during the Game. Again, re-membering that they even exist will be a big part of the Game itself.

"The goal of the Game will be to see how many can re-member who they are, where they are from, and what powers of creation they have. Once you re-member, then you may re-merge with your higher self and re-create home on the other side of the veil to demonstrate that you have fully re-membered.

"So who wants to play?"

The above is from the book "Re-member" by Steve Rother

I’m reminded also of one of my favorite quotes from the group of loving but spunky entities known as Abraham as channeled by Esther Hicks. When asked why they never talk about God, Abraham’s response was “we speak of nothing but”.

That pretty much sums up this blog. This blog is about life, and therefore about God. You won't often see the word ‘God’ here though. Not because I don’t revere god, I do. It's just that I believe that we are all connected, all sparks of the One, birthed into being with purpose and intent, all gods. The idea that we showed up here accidentally, the random product of some primordial soup, doesn't appeal to me. Nor does the idea that the Universe is just so much random action. What also doesn't appeal to me is the idea that god is something that is outside of us, beyond us, not us. You are welcome to believe what you like, but if these latter ideas appeal to you, you probably won't find much of interest here. :)

I believe that we are all a part of the great All That Is, conscious creators, equal in our spirit, yet completely and uniquely individual in our humanity. I believe that joy, abundance, and love are our birthrights. Do I believe that I Am god? I do. The even better news is .. I believe that You Are God Also, and I honor you as such. If you believe the same, or have even the slightest opening of possibility that this might be so, that we are all gods playing together in this amazing game called Life on Planet Earth, I invite you to kick off your metaphorical shoes, toss ideas around, question beliefs, and share experiences with me here in my little cosmic sandbox.

If this sort of dialog or conversation doesn’t appeal to you, feel free to move along to dialogs and conversations that do. 

If anything that is posted or responded to here does not ‘resonate’ with you, that is, if it doesn’t touch your heart, if it doesn't have a ring of truth to it for you, simply let it be. You don’t have to agree with or like what is said here. In fact, since what will land here is likely to be either my personal opinion or someone else’s, I’d be shocked if even part of it resonates with anyone, let alone everyone. As the saying goes ...

“If any information doesn’t resonate with you let it be, for it was simply put there for another.”

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