What Is Channeling?

Since I talk about 'channeled' material frequently, I thought it would make sense to talk about what channeling is. There are so many misconceptions, and even fears, around this very normal practice that really, it’s time to put those misconceptions and fears to rest.

The following explanation is a clear, general explanation of channeling. It comes from Geoff Hoppe, an accomplished and respected channeler of the Crimson Council (including but not limited to Tobias, Adamas Saint-Germain, and Kuthumi).

Channeling is a natural form of communication between humans and angelic beings, nature spirits, non-physical entities or even animals and pets. A channeler is very similar to a translator or interpreter. They allow themselves to feel or sense the communication from the other being. The channeler then attaches human words to the communications for the understanding by themselves or other humans.

A channeler can choose who or what they want to channel. As long as the other party has an interest in communicating, the link is made and the channeling can begin. For instance, many people channel Archangel Michael. If he agrees to communicate with the channeler, the flow of non-verbal information begins.

The channeler receives the information at an intuitive or feeling level, and then their mind converts the raw information into words. Contrary to popular belief, entities do not generally use human languages because it is considered awkward and clumsy. The richer essence of their message is conveyed through an elegant series of sensory feelings.

Another popular misconception is that a channeler must go into a deep trance state, or surrender their body and/or mind to the entity. But channeling is very similar to any other form of communication, whether verbal, body language, smell or art. They all communicate a message, and the message is subject to the receiver’s understanding. Most well-known channelers today, such as Lee Carroll (Kryon), Steve Rother (The group) and Ronna Herman (Archangel Michael) are conscious channelers. They are aware of themselves and activities going on in the room. They focus their senses and attention on the entity they are channeling, and then interpret the message. Contenporary channels do not generally leave their bodies or surrender their minds during the communication process.

Channeling pets is one of the easiest forms of this art. Pets, of course, do not use human language but they have a strong desire to communicate with humans. Simply release the concept that you’ll hear words, and allow yourself to “feel” your pet. As you open yourself to the feelings, the mind will naturally begin to place simple words or phrases to the feelings so that your human consciousness will have a greater understanding of the communications. If you want to communicate back to your pet, let go of the need to use words. Instead, allow your feelings to open and flow to your pet. In the early stages of working with this type of communication, it may be helpful to imagine pictures or visuals when communicating with your pet. As you become more confident and proficient in channeling with your pet, the information will flow quickly and easily, and you won’t have the desire to even use pictures or images.

Some people fear channeling because they don’t understand the process, or they think that a negative or dark entity can come in. But the channeler always has the choice of who or what they want to channel, just like they have the choice of who they want as friends or business associates. The channeler can insist on knowing the name and origins of any entity or angelic being who wants to communicate with them. Experienced channelers understand that just because an entity wants to communicate doesn’t mean the entity is necessarily enlightened. The channel should discern for themselves the level of enlightenment of the entity, and the value of their information. Some entities just like to chat; others can have an agenda; and there are also many entities who have a desire to provide enlightened guidance and counsel.

With thanks to Geoff Hoppe, Crimson Circle, creator of Shaumbra Inspired™ logo.

Based on what you might have heard in the past it might be hard to believe, but everyone channels. Artists channel. Dancers channel. Authors channel. Professional sports players and athletes of all sorts channel. I channel. You channel. Not all the time, and generally not with conscious awareness, but everyone channels.

• Why do they call it ‘channeling’?

It comes from the idea of ‘tuning in’ to a frequency. Perhaps you’ve heard that human beings vibrate, and that it’s this vibration that attracts to you that which you focus upon (Law of Attraction). More can be said about that, but it happens to be true that we are more vibration than we are flesh and bone. Since Source (spirit, higher self, inner being, non-physical, angels, or however you refer to that which is not incarnate on earth in a physical experience) is also vibration, in order to channel one has to ‘tune into’ the appropriate frequency. Typically this is done by quieting the mind and achieving a 'feeling tone' or sensation of connection with the desired source.

Just like any radio station or TV channel, human ‘channels’ can experience interference. Things that can interfere with the channeling process include the channeler’s mental processes, anxiety, feelings, emotions or beliefs. This is why some channels are considered to be ‘clear’ channels - they have, either through practice, innate ability or both, achieved a level of expertise that allows them to receive messages with a minimum of interference.

• What did you mean when you said  “you channel”. I most certainly do not, I don’t even believe in channeling!

Did you ever pick up the phone and call someone, only to have them say “I was just thinking about you!”? Did you ever pick up the phone and ‘just know’ who was on the other end? Did you ever stop and get dinner on the way home from work, then when you walk in the door at home have your roommate or partner tell you they’d been thinking about that very thing for dinner? Have you ever been in a meeting and suddenly you said something, without a clue where you got the idea, but you say it and it’s so profound, so perfectly right for the situation that your friends or associates can’t even believe you said it - and neither can you? In each of these situations, where did the information come from? Was it chance? What happened is, you ‘tuned in’ to information and you weren’t even aware you were doing it. It just happened, as natural as you please. You ‘tuned into it’ … in other words, you channeled it.

Athletes do it frequently. The term is ‘in the zone’, a period of time through which they can’t seem to do anything wrong. Their actions are smooth and fluid, effortless, and no matter what they do it all goes perfectly. Things go better in fact, than they could even hope or wish for. Often they are blown away by what they accomplished and how easily they did it. They feel like they were experiencing something magical. And in fact they were: channeling. During that period they were ‘tuned in’ to information, body motions, and actions that no amount of figuring out could accomplish. There’s a feeling to the state of being in the zone that can’t be explained away as luck or practice. If you’ve ever experienced it, you know that it’s a state that begs to be experienced again and again.

Channeling is as natural to human beings as breathing. It’s how we receive information from non-physical, from animals, and from each other, without physically speaking. We all do it, it’s just that some do it consciously in order to receive information, while most of us do it completely unaware that we are.

If you’re interested in learning how to consciously channel, many teachers are available via books and on the internet. I personally recommend Story Waters and Lee Harris at limitlessness.com and/or Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer at orindaben.com.

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