The Human Condition

You know why we humans struggle so much? It's because we actually think we are human!

... when instead, we are Spirit, Source Energy, God .. whatever term you use to describe that larger part of ourselves that you know with absolute certainty would not behave as you do if it was truly Source energy.

Face the facts my friend, we aren't humans. We are Source Energy having a human experience. That's a wholly different thing, isn't it? Think about it for a minute. Human trying to have a spiritual experience .. or Spirit having a human experience? Which one feels better? Which one feels more powerful? Which one feels the most like freedom?

I was reminded of this fact when I was reading a passage from Steve Rother's The group. Here is what they had to say in kind of a nutshell:
"Each one of you has a condition you are dealing with that has caused you great difficulties throughout your entire stay on this planet. It is a challenge for every one of you to see yourselves the way you really are. That is because of a deeply embedded belief system that each and every one of you carries. It was necessary to carry from the very beginning of the connection because it was the part that activated everything for you. But you have a strong case of what we call 'the human condition'. The human condition is a very serious ailment of the spirit.

When a spirit enters a bubble of biology and activates a veil to keep them from re-membering, they still have memories of Home. Over time, if these memories are not reinforced, the memories fade to the back of consciousness. Sometimes they are only left in the cellular memories which are your soul’s imprint on the physical body. It is at this point that a soul starts to actually believe that they are a human.
This is a serious ailment of the soul that we call the human condition.

That is what you are dealing with every day. Everywhere you look in your daily life there are people who all try to get you to buy into the human condition so that you can be like them. People walking around truly believing that they are the human body they inhabit has caused more difficulties for humanity in general than you could ever imagine.

They went on to say that things are changing. And they are. For the better.

Sometimes it's hard to believe that things are changing for the better. But sometimes you have to break a structure down in order to build a new one.

My husband works in construction. Sometimes he builds structures that are brand new, but he also does a lot of remodeling. Sometimes, if the old structure is sound, he builds the new parts that are wanted and adds them to the old structure. Sometimes the old structure is very un-sound, and he has to tear it completely down to start anew. I think he actually has a lot of fun tearing down. He wears his grubbiest clothing, he expends a lot of energy in ripping stuff to shreds, he gets all dusty and dirty and even gets cut and he doesn't even know it!, he's so caught up in the game of tear-down. Then he removes all the old stuff and has a wonderful 'clean' space to start building the new stuff.

The same thing is going on not only globally, but in our personal lives. There are amazing and wonderful things on the horizon, but in order to have them, old structures have to be torn down. It's a natural process. Ecologists have long realized that forest fires actually aid in the health of the forest. Old timber burns and falls and disintegrates and gets reabsorbed into the soil. That destruction eventually becomes the fertile soil upon which new, far more healthy growth appears. It's a cycle. And while we may, and do, lament the loss when it happens, years later we see that that loss, while temporarily hurtful, was important to the overall health of the forest.

So if you're tempted to be overly concerned about the state of health of our planet, our creatures, and our selves, remember the bigger picture. Remember that sometimes things have to break down before they can be fixed, and torn down before they can be rebuilt. Remember that you aren't human trying to have a spiritual experience, you're spirit having a human experience. That's a whole different thing!

It doesn't mean you need to stop doing whatever you're doing to continue to aid the planet, our creatures and our selves. Now is not the time to stop working for something better. Now is the time to remember that sometimes things need to be torn down so something more miraculous can be put up in their place.

So when you find yourself all caught up in the drama and the upset, stop a moment and simply take a deep breath. Think about the ailment of the human condition. Remember that you aren't really human, what you really are is Spirit having a human experience. And so is everyone else.

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