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During an Abraham-Hicks seminar, Jerry Hicks had the following conversation with Abraham. I was intrigued by the answers and thought you might be too.

If God Would Answer, What Would You Ask?
Jerry: A newspaper this morning had a survey of what adults would ask of God, or a Supreme Being, if they could get a direct and immediate answer. And so I thought I'd ask you the questions:

• What Is My Purpose?
Jerry: For 35% of them, this was their question: "What is my purpose here?"

Abraham: To know that you are God.

Jerry: Could you embellish that a little?

Abraham: What is my purpose, as a physical being, coming forth into a physical time/space reality? Your purpose is to chew on the contrast for the purpose of giving birth to a unique new desire in this moment that will summon Life Force or Energy toward it.

Contrast exists. You don't get brownie points or anything for that. And you don't get any for the desire that is born out of the contrast, because that's the natural process. And so, once the contrast has produced desire within you, and the desire is summoning Life Force unto it, your work is to align with that Energy.

Your objective is to seek joy. Your objective is to find appreciation or pleasure or positive thought from wherever you stand, no matter how you got there. And when you align with that Energy, you are fulfilling your purpose. And then the twists and turns that your experience will take are dependent upon your willingness to allow yourself exposure to contrast. In other words, you cannot get it wrong.

• Life After Death?
Jerry: And 19% of them asked, "Will I have life after death?"

Abraham: Yes, because life is eternal, of course. There is no ending to any of that. And even if, from your physical perspective, you do not know that or understand that, in the moment you make your transition back into Nonphysical, you will know it fully.

It's not life after death, because there is no death. It's just life, life, life, life, always life—different perspectives of it.

• Why Does Bad Happen?
Jerry: And then, 16% of them would ask God, if God could answer right back, "Why do bad things happen?"

Abraham: There is no source of that which you consider to be bad. It is just that sometimes you get into a vibrational place where you disallow the good you deserve, that would be there otherwise.

Everything comes to you by your attention to it. So if something comes to you that you say is a bad thing, it is only because you have somehow achieved vibrational harmony with it. You achieve vibrational harmony with a feeling of unworthiness a little bit at a time. But in time, you can begin to feel unworthy of good things....

Bad things happen only because you, as a vibrating being, are disallowing the good things that are natural to you.

There is a Source of pure positive Energy coming to you. It is the Energy that created you to begin with. It is the Energy that sustains you and supports you. This Energy is always flowing to you, but sometimes you achieve an attitude or a mood or a personality that does not allow the goodness that is flowing to you. And so, it is as if you have created a shadow.

You say, "Well, why is there a shadow?" We say, it could be any number of things, but mostly it is not understanding that the light is there for you, and you are worthy of it. It is a by-product of comparing yourselves to so many others, trying to sort out the manifestations, rather than understanding the Energy Stream to begin with.

So why do so-called "bad things" happen? Because people come to expect less than good.

• Other Intelligent Life?
Jerry: 7% would have asked: "Is there intelligent life elsewhere, other than on this planet?"

Abraham: The Universe is abundant with Intelligence. All is Intelligence. But it is interesting, for as you stand in your physical platform, you would not revere any Intelligence that you did not understand fully. It's tricky, isn't it? Haven't you noticed that people who are not on your wavelength don't seem very smart? Or it is the other way around.

Are there other places like here? Yes, there are many physical dimensions. Physical is leading edge.

There are more physical dimensions than you have ability to calculate with your most sophisticated of computers. It's a very big Universe, with very much consciousness.

• How Long Will I Live?
Jerry: And 6% would have asked: "How long will I live?"

Abraham: You will live forever. You are eternal beings who have no ending.

You will remain in this body as long as contrast is producing desire within you that summon life that is not being thwarted by your contradictory attitudes.

The longest of experiences come from those who are stimulated to lots of new thought, who are in a place of not getting into strong resistance and who are allowing the Life Force they are summoning through their desire.

The shorter lives are those who have strong desire and strong resistance. And so, there's a big tug-of-war going on inside which sort of blows them up in one way or another. Or it may be those who have come to the place where their desires have been uncomfortable, because they haven't figured out how to bring their beliefs in alignment with their desires, so the struggle is unpleasant. And so, little by little, they release their desire, until they have very little summoning. Those are evidences of shorter lives. But not to worry, because there is not death. In other words, you cannot get it wrong.

• The Final Question
Jerry: 6% were other than that, and the other 12% weren't sure they had a question. So that's it.

Abraham: They were not sure it was worth asking, because they do not believe that there is anyone who knows the answer.

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