World Peace Now Site

The team at The 2012 Scenario have designed another website which they have dedicated to developing, creating, encouraging, and reporting about the movement toward world peace. It's called Achieving World Peace Now and I highly recommend it.

For those interested, there are several discussion group associated with the site.

Yahoo discussion group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/worldpeacenow/

Google+: https://plus.google.com/108344112319074372099/posts

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/achievingworldpeacenow/124785487669022/

Indeed world peace is something that many of us are working toward, and something that many others are beginning to hope for. And yet some humans - sadly a great many - are still unable to even comprehend that such a thing is possible.

It's important and helpful for us to work together and support each other, and this website is one great way to do so. But to me, we also need to support those folks who despararely want to see world peace but are so mired in the old energy that they don't see that it's even possible. To that end, this and similar websites are going to be extremely important. I live with family, friends, and associates who exist in that very group, and holding the energy of possibility for them is important to me. Since the global media isn't seeing fit to show the great peace initiatives happening all over the globe, this kind of site can be very important.

Posted by Steve Beckow:
Gregory made a beautiful statement that I’d like to repost here:

“I can already imagine the forgiveness amongst people. All the hugging and crying as people start to come to the realization of whats been going on and all racial walls come tumbling down as the oneness starts to materialize. The deep love and emotion that will be going on will in itself shed a huge amount of negativity and thus help them shift into the higher vibrations. The road towards world peace will be paving the way, it will be shining its light for all we are waiting for and freedom for humanity. It comes down to loving your neighbor as your self.”
Feel free to offer up the possibility of world peace to everyone you know!

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