Are You Afraid of Love?

Most people of earth are afraid of love. They are afraid of the very thing that will set them free from the limitations of their earthly sphere. Love is the ‘ladder of ascension’ – it is a ladder of Light, a stairway to heaven. In order to access this ladder of ascension you must always go through your own heart and not through the heart of another. The heart of another will only lead you back to your own heart. No other heart will fulfill you as you need to be fulfilled.

They can nurture you, they can polish you, they can buff you, and they can love you – but first you must receive what you have been given. You all stand on the seashores of the past and you look out to sea to see what you may see. And what do you see? – you see all the hurts, the wounds, the injustices. How many of the blessings have you forgotten? How easily the darkness arises to your memory and how easily your human memory forgets the blessings, the grace, the good tidings that you have received and given to so many.

You are on the very porch of your next level of light. You must open the door and go in.

And in there you will see your past. You will see everything that once hurt. You will see everything that brought a smile to your face. You will see a panoramic life review as you look at it all and say — thank you for allowing me to be who I am. For every individual that crossed your life has contributed to the recipe of your soul, the ingredients of love that you hold. Be open to this doorway.

Ask to receive in fullness higher levels of love. Ask the universe to show you how to love more, to show you how to receive love, and to show you how to radiate love.

You each hold such a large sphere of light. Every place you enter into, you change the vibration Do this with a knowing. Do it with love. When you find yourself in anger – immediately shift to love. Practice this over and over again in your day.

For everything that makes you angry, is asking for your love. Each level of love that you walk into as a warrior will take you closer to an Ascension level of your own heart and into your higher light. All truths that you seek are within your grasp.

To access them you must ‘believe with a knowing’ and ‘know it with a believing’.

From "Going Beyond Your Abilities to Manifest"
through Gillian Macbeth-Louthan
October 2012

The topic is an interesting one, since it's probably a rare individual who, at first glance, would even consider that they might be afraid of love. And yet ... I think we really are. What has love brought us in this third density world? Rejection and hurt as a few emotional examples (not just rejection by lovers but by friends, parents, teachers, society at large); pain and suffering through abuse (including things society never considered abuse, such as spanking) as a few physical examples.

How often have we loved someone and had them turn on us, wounding us time after time after time? And what about teaching us lack? How often have we wished for something through our love of it, and how often has the thing we loved been denied to us? Even our beloved animals eventually die and leave us (temporarily) with naught but our grief.

Mostly what we've been living with in this dense environment is the pain that happens when we chance to give someone or something our love. What good is love when pain is the inevitable result? And so we become closed off, unable or unwilling to open ourselves to the purity of love that is our path out of this density.

So it's fairly easy to see how we've come to be afraid of love. But if we believe - as I sincerely do - that love is the way, then how do we overcome this fear of love?

The process, as the passage above suggests, is simple and straight-forward, though not necessarily easy. It's a matter of recognizing that our painful memories of the past, the things we experience as "not love" were created so that we could fully embrace "of love." It seems strange to say that a being, any being, would wish to experience "not love" when "of love" is so wonderful! But we did.

As pure beings of light and love, experiencing nothing but light and love .. in other words, without the contrast .. there is no way to really appreciate ourselves. It's only by experiencing what we are not that we gain a full and complete appreciation of what we are.

But what many of us fail to realize - and/or fail to remember - is that we are love! We have spent eons of time learning the ins and outs and breadth and depth of not love, and now we're on the journey back to our full knowing of the depth and breadth of being love. It begins with the full and complete knowing and acknowledgement that we created all those experiences - ourselves - to know 'not love'. With that acknowledgement and acceptance we can look at any and every experience that contains hurt and realize the gift inherent in that experience.

As we begin to recognize, acknowledge, accept, and appreciate those experiences, along with all the players who beautifully played the roles we asked them to play (including ourselves!) we realize / remember that who we are at the very core of our being is love. These are the gifts of true love that we forgot. It's time to remember. You are love, and you are magnificent! And so is everyone else. ♥♡♥

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