Freedom Begins With Sovereignty

When offering to others something that has worked for us, whether that be as simple as a new food sensation, a fun movie, a diet plan or a recipe, or as complex as a complete new way of being, it pays to honor the sovereignty of the individual.

“Here is something that worked for me. I know of others for whom it has worked as well. Perhaps it will work for you.”

Then let it go.


In so doing we open a door. We stand on one side of the door, having experienced what is there. We bring what’s on our side of the door into the awareness of other. It is then up to other to determine whether they wish to walk through that door or not. Their choice.

Maybe what’s behind our door is not for them. There may be other doors, doors more appropriate for them. Perhaps if they experience what’s on the other side of a different door, they will come back and share their findings with us, so that we might choose to experience what’s behind their door too! Or not.

But know this - each chooses for him or her Self. Not a one of us can choose for another. Attempting to do so only results in frustration for us and anger / upset / resentment for them. Is that the road you wish to take?

Or perhaps you prefer to experience each “other” as a sovereign being in their own right, with the god-given right to choose for themselves. As is your god-given right.

Ultimately there is only ever one thing to do. Choose.

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