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I love sharing channels from Veronica through April and Allen Crawford at Inner Whispers. The messages are generally short and to the point, and always a reminder that we are much more than we realize ourselves to be, if only we stop from time to time to connect and remember.

Be The Solution

"It is well known how dense the energy can be in linear reality. The most advanced of souls often find it a maze of difficulty to navigate through.

In these moments, one can decide to be a victim of circumstance, or a creator of the solution.

The energy of such obstacles can be diminished if one keeps aligned with their own soul's purity and resolve. Thus, the importance of establishing a relationship with your soul. If you have not take the time to do so, we feel it is of the utmost importance to do.

There is nothing more empowering than to conquer the linear density, even at the most elementary levels. Decide to be flexible in the pursuit of the perfect connection. Know that if you are disconnected it has taken some linear time to get there. Be fair with yourself and allow the firmness of your energy to regain its position.

Those in spirit never give up, nor should you in the linear.

Roll with the perceived punches from physical reality. Know that no matter what occurs, you have the ability to rise above and conquer it.

Yes it is dense.

Yes it's difficult.

However, you are resilient enough to withstand the difficulty and move through it.

Yes. you are strong.

Yes, you are spiritual as well as physical.

Flex your spiritual awareness, and proceed to a more comfortable space.

Be the solution."



My sister was at a Gathering to learn how to Meditate. The speaker said to concentrate on the GOLD light going out of the top of your head and bottom of your feet to connect to the universe.

Later my sister asked me why she saw a blue squiggling light which turned to a beautiful blue ball that kept getting bigger. Could you tell me why she might have seen blue in her mind's eye, not yellow?

Thank you very much in advance for your assistance with this matter. You do a wonderful thing for all of us on this side.
Dianna Bowers

Dear Dianna,

Your sister may not be aware that she has an intuitive gift. She was "seeing" her own energy and its desire to continue its growth.

We would encourage her to explore and discover her "gifts" so that she attains complete connection with her soul.


Veronica's message to this reader is another reminder, but this time a reminder that only we know what is best for us. We can listen to what has worked for others, and adopt their process if nothing appears differently for us. But if and when something does appear differently, it's always appropriate to go with what comes up for us.

We are each on our own distinct path. We'll have similar experiences, and also completely different experiences. Appreciate and honor others for what they contribute to you, but don't forget to appreciate and honor yourself as well. And go with whatever works for you!

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