The Importance of Shifting Perception

As we get closer to the end of this year we're seeing more and more evidence of the dissolution of time. Which means that our thoughts and beliefs are manifesting in our reality ever faster. For those who understand and accept responsibility for creating their reality, things can be very very good. The better it gets, the better it gets! as Abraham likes to say.

But the reverse is also true: when we forget that we create our reality, we can get stuck in very negative patterns of creation. When things are "bad", we bemoan the badness and thereby create more of it. The more we bemoan, begrudge, resent, the more badness we create. The cycle is never-ending unless we break free by accepting our responsibility in the matter of our own creation. It's really as simple as accepting whatever our reality is showing us in this Now moment, and then focusing on what we want to see rather than what we do see; focusing on the good - what we want to see - instead of the bad - what we don't want to see. Doing that is indeed simple, but it's not necessarily easy.

For those who won't accept any responsibility for their plight, life is going to get (or appear to get) more and more difficult. Our common response in seeing people in pain, in suffering, in turmoil, is to want to fix it for them. And yet there is no fix. All that happens when we try to fix things for others is that we begin to focus on what we don't want, just as those we see as suffering are already doing.

The solution, which is not a fix, is to help others - and ourselves! - to focus on what we want to see and not on what we don't want to see, and offer the same option to others. In other words, to shift our perception. If a person can focus on just one positive thing in their own life and then see it continue to manifest in their reality, it creates an opening for them to begin to see and accept their own power in the creation of their own life.

So we can have our compassion for others, and assist them, without attempting to fix them or their situation. We can offer physical assistance (money, aid, housing, support, protection) while still holding others responsible for their own creations. But the most important thing we can do is offer them a new perspective, a new possibility for their situation, whatever the perceived negative situation is. We often call this "hope". We can be the example of positive co-creation by shifting our own perspectives. But whatever we do, always remember it is each of our own individual choice whether we are willing to shift our perception of the way things are, or not. The same is true of those we desire to help. They are either willing to shift their perception or they are not.

Emmanuel Dagher at Magnified Manifesting has some interesting things to say about this very thing in her Energy Forcast for October 2012, along with some specific ways to shift perception. A portion of that article is reposted below. For the full article, visit the Energy Forecast portion Emanuel's website.

“It’s Like Giving Birth!”
Monthly Energy Forecast

by Emmanuel Dagher | October 2012

Blessings my friend,

What a roller coaster ride the energies have taken us on this past September! For some, the energies were so intense that saying it was like holding on for dear life is an understatement. A great deal of this intensity came as a direct result of the second of seven Uranus/Pluto squares that occurred on September 19th.

With that and the purging process that always precedes an Equinox, all I can say is phew!

For many of who have consciously been dedicated to their spiritual path, the recent energies felt much like the uncomfortable yet paradigm shifting energies many of us moved through at the final quarter of 2007. That cycle resulted in a massive elevation in the collective consciousness and played a big role in leading us to where we are today as a whole.

After the Equinox on September 22nd, the pressure cooker feeling that many of us have been experiencing finally started to loosen up. For those who quickly surrendered to this massive releasing process, a familiar ease, joy, and comfort started to re-emerge soon after. It became much easier to see and connect with the magic within ourselves and all around us. If we had projects or other things in the works that felt as if they were placed on hold, new doors started to open up and things started to move forward once again.

For others who may not have as quickly embraced the releasing process that came right after the Equinox, the challenges we had been facing prior amplified and moved forward with us.

The key thing to note is that challenges are just lessons in disguise. It’s the way we react to a challenge that directs what our experiences will continue to be. A challenge simply allows us to look inside ourselves and gauge whether there is still some inner healing that can be done. In this case, some simple yet empowering questions that can support us in our healing process could be:

• “What can I do right now to fully embrace the present moment?”
• “What can I choose to release and let go of today that no longer feels in alignment with my greatest good?”
• “What lessons and gifts am I meant to receive from this experience?”
• “How can I consciously choose to create more joy in my life today?”

Questions like this light up new and life enhancing neuro-waves in the brain that open us up to higher insights and revelations. These insights have the power to expand us instantly and overtime (depending on how comfortable we are with change) and give us the answers to the empowering questions that can realign us back with the natural flow of life where we can thrive the most. There are many other ways that can support us in thriving such as practicing mindfulness/meditation, connecting with nature, being part of a loving community, expressing our creative gifts daily, pampering and being gentle with ourselves, intuitive development, practicing gratitude, journaling and energy healing just to name a few.

Another important thing to note during times of challenge is to not compare and judge ourselves to others as these energies will amplify the resistance to the challenge itself. If we find that we are feeling out of alignment, let’s simply be willing to hand over the judgments to the Universe and embrace ourselves through the process. If that means a little R&R or alone time is necessary, then so be it.

“It’s like Giving Birth!”

So where are we energetically right now? The contrast between the old world and the new world is clearer than ever. The grey areas have rapidly dissolved leaving no room for second guessing which world we are choosing to be part of.

If we are finding ourselves still in lack, worry, guilt, blame, or a similar vibration for any reason, we are probably noticing that more of those experiences are showing up in our reality instantly. We just can’t hide from the fact that we are extremely power co-creators. We can’t play small or pretend we are these helpless beings. The collective consciousness is currently BEAKING FREE from the hold of these patterns. That’s why everywhere we turn, there seems to be confusion and unrest.

I was recently connecting with a kindred spirit, and she asked me why the energies were so chaotic right now? The first image I received when she asked me this question was a mother giving birth.

Similar to when a mother is giving birth, there’s usually a painful labor process that occurs right before the child is born. Just because labor can be painful doesn’t mean there’s going to be something wrong with the baby or the mother: it’s just part of the process.

We could say that right now we are in month 9 of humanity’s birthing process. In fact, the labor has already started. We are giving birth to a new world. A world founded on core principles of love, oneness and fairness. These principles are radically different than the old principles that promoted separation we somehow bought into and settled on. It’s normal that when something new is being birthed, the contrast it brings to whatever is already existing creates some type of resistance. Resistance is actually a great confirmation that some kind of movement is happening, and a big change is on the horizon. In the case of what’s happening in our world, eventually the old world will shift and become part of the new world, it’s just a matter of when rather than if it will happen.

On the other hand, if we are choosing to embrace the fact that we are these powerful co-creators and are choosing to consistently be mindful of creating our highest visions for ourselves and the world through love, kindness, and gratitude, we are seeing these visions show up in our lives quicker than ever. It really is a miraculous time to be a human being on this planet!

Whatever energy we choose to put out in the world, it’s being mirrored back in our experience instantly. The exciting news is, we can choose whichever vibration we want to be in at anytime.

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