There's Nothing To Forgive

We've all been working from the standpoint of wanting/needing to forgive those who we believe have wronged us in some way. I completely agree that forgiveness is an important virtue, and one of many steps along the road to fulfilling our destiny as fully embodied spirits in a human vessel. Kudos to any and all who can achieve this milestone of forgiveness, especially when the perpetration has been deep and/or long-lasting. That is a huge step to take, and an important one.

That said, know that forgiveness is only a step. At some point in our growth we come to realize that there is no need for forgiveness at all, because there has been no crime. We are not victims, in any way shape or form. Since we are not victims, others are not perpetrators. Both are third density, duality-based concepts.

In this play called life on planet earth we determine what experiences to draw into our reality, and the game of perpetrator/victim was a part of that game. That game is over.

It may be a difficult concept for many to accept, or even open the possibility for, but when we continue to reach for full and complete responsibility in the matter of our own lives and our own creations, we eventually realize that there is nothing whatsoever to forgive, no matter how heinous an act might seem. In fact, at some point we reach the place where we honor those who we used to believe have "trespassed against us", for they have added immeasurably to our spiritual growth and experience. We have, in turn, provided similar opportunities to them.

Even further along the path of spiritual growth, after forgiveness, honor, and appreciation comes our compassion for the karma that those whom we saw as perpetrators may have to tend with along their path. It's far too easy to get caught up in the density and duality and "over shoot the mark" so to speak in our perpetrator role(s).

So the next time you contemplate forgiving someone, ask yourself if you might instead be willing to honor them for the role they have played - or are playing - in your this-life experience. If you can find the willingness in your heart, thank them for their participation. This action closes the book on that experience and allows you to move along to other things, other people, and other experiences.

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