Return of the Dreamer

Ask yourself how it is that you know what you know. How much of what you think you know was fed to you by parents, teachers, ministers, coaches, mentors, books, audios, television, movies, documentaries, newspapers, magazines? When you look back at your life how much do you know simply because you know it, and not because someone else told it to you?

As well-intended as all of these sources of information were for us, they too learned what they learned from their parents, teachers, ministers, coaches, mentors, books, etc. All operating from the third density side of the veil, and all mostly unaware of the greater knowing, or ignoring that knowing based on what appeared as "reality", and what others considered reality to be.

It's time for us to fully examine all the things that we think we know, and begin to realize that in almost every - if not every - case, we know what we know because someone we trusted or accepted as an authority told it to us.

Global change doesn't come from how things used to be, it comes from how things can be. The only way to determine how things can be is to listen to the voice of your heart, your intuition, your inspiration, your dreams. Third density reality neither allowed for nor appreciated dreamers. That reality is done. There's a new reality all around us. It's time to reclaim the dreamer in you.

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