All You Need Is Love

Remember this classic by the Beatles, "All You Need Is Love"? At the time it was released the world was in a period of idealism and major change.

We knew in our hearts that the phrase was true, though we didn't know how to get there from where we were. Nothing in our 'reality' suggested that love was all we needed, because love didn't put food on the table or pay the rent. Love didn't seem to stop aggression and war. Love didn't keep us from getting disappointed that life wasn't turning out the way we'd pictured it as children.

And yet somehow we knew, deep down inside, that life wasn't supposed to be a struggle, people weren't supposed to do despicable things to each other, and things weren't supposed to turn out badly. That knowing only frustrated us even more.

If we only look at what isn't working in life right now, both personally and globally, it still appears that a whole lot more is needed than love. But that's because we don't really understand what love is. We think love is that feeling we get when we find someone that makes our heart go all aflutter. Or that feeling we get when we see a little child giggling and laughing. Or when our dog looks us square in the eyes and we feel like there's nothing in the world they wouldn't do for us, they love us that much.

Those are expressions of love, and wonderful feelings they are. But those feelings aren't what love is. Love is who we are. In its grandest expression it's a total acceptance of all that is, just as it is. A knowing that everything is right and perfect no matter what it looks like on the outside. A knowing that we are part and parcel of everything that exists, physical and non-physical, sentient and not sentient, while still maintaining sovereignty as our own being.

When we live in the knowing that we are Love, we begin to realize that anything and everything in us, about us, and around us that is not that, is simply there to help us know and experience what is not love. When we're done examining and experiencing what is not-love, then we're free to return to Who We Really Are. And that is what this ascension is all about - living our life in every moment knowing that we are love, and we cannot be anything but ... unless we choose to pretend otherwise.

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