If You Knew ...

If you knew,

not just thought,
not just believed,
or hoped,
or supposed,

but knew

that you were the creator of your individual reality,

and collectively the creator of your shared reality,

would you ever again complain,
or judge,
or blame,
or be victimized,
or try to control?

your Self or Other?

At any time, from this moment forward, you can stop thinking and believing and hoping and supposing and begin knowing. Knowing with every fiber of your being, with every cell in your body that you create your reality. Every moment of it, every experience in it, every thought comes to you, because you set it up that way, for your own reasons. You just forgot that you did.

Because You Are God Also.

At any time you can re-empower yourself with the power that you have been giving to others. Well-meaning others in many cases, but others. This includes your parents, teachers, mentors, coaches, experts, books, movies, programs, newspapers, media sources, the government, corporations, banks, doctors, lawyers, neighbors, friends, associates, family members, and yes, even gurus, channelers, and off-worlders. Each and every individual and entity that you believe has answers that you don't have or can't get.

Take that power back. Take your power back. Know - with heartfelt conviction - that you know what is best for you, and behave that way.

The voices in your head are false profits, and they may or may not know what is best for you. Why take a chance about whether those voices are right or not when the voice that knows is the one in your heart?

What comes from your heart is You (the You that remembers Who You Really Are), talking to you (the you who doesn't remember). Listen to that voice, those feelings. Act upon that voice, those feelings. And then take full and complete responsibility for the choices you make and the actions you take. That is how you take your power back and become the Master of your own destiny.

The time to take back your power is Now, and in so doing you will find yourself living the life of ease, grace, harmony, compassion, abundance, cooperation, love, joy, and peace that you came into this reality to experience. You are that powerful, if only you would accept that you are, and act from that stand.

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