Are You Ready To Give That Up Yet?

All around the world, from friends, family, associates, various group members, stories, and reports, I hear people complaining and arguing, being angry, hateful, and spiteful, seeking revenge and justice. When I see or hear it close to me, my typical response is something along the lines of "are you ready to give that up yet?"

When confronted with that question people will typcially look at me with that wide-eyed stare that says either "are you daft?" or "you are daft!" without quivocation. It's a rare individual (and I must say I love them to pieces!) who will at least think about the question, and often respond with something like "yah, I think I am."

I ask that question because angry, hateful, revengeful responses to the outside world - or the inside world for that matter! - are totally inappropriate where we are going. And I don't mean "where" as in a place, but "where" as in a shift to a higher vibrational reality.

The issues of blame, guilt, revenge, and all related emotion, is based upon duality, the belief that someone can "do something" to someone else without their consent. Yet they cannot. By the laws of the Universe it is completely impossible to do something to another without their consent, albeit soul consent. Most people do not yet understand that they are their soul. When a decision is made at the soul level, that's you making the decision, you simply aren't aware of it on a physical level. But you can be.

You can start by accepting that everything that happens to you is of your choosing. You may not know why, you may in fact be dumbfounded about such an eventuality happening to you. But that inability to be aware that you chose it, to remember that you chose it, doesn't negate the fact that you did choose it.

The key to unlocking the door of understanding is to choose that which you are already confronted with. "I chose this. This is my first choice. Amoung the myriad millions of potentials that could have presented themselves to me in this moment, I chose this one." Can you feel the power surging through you when you make your experiences your choice. It means that you are no longer a victim, no longer subject to the whims of others.

I know, I hear you saying "all well and good for most instances, but trust me when I say that I would never have chosen < insert your favorite despicable instance here ... raped, tortured, murdered, abused, etc. >". You continue "There just has to be some exceptions to the 'I chose' rule for heinous acts. There must!"

But there isn't. There truly isn't. You have no remembrance, no acknowledgment of, the contracts that you and others made before you started this incarnation. You have no remembrance of, nor acknowledgement of, experiences from previous lifetimes where you decided things, acted in ways, that you wish to revisit with hope for a change in response. Maybe you responded angrily or hurtfully and now you want the opportunity to respond out of kindness, generosity, forgiveness, compassion, or love.

So you bring these old experiences into the present, often with the same players from before, dressed up in a different costume, acting on a different stage, to see what you can learn, to see if you can shift your response this time. Or you have agreed to be a player in someone else's play, allowing them to respond to you in a different way. But in either case or in both cases, we all learn and grow from the experience, no matter how heinous an act is or was.

On our planet we often say "wish I could have a do-over." Guess what? You got your wish! Your whole life is pretty much a do-over, you just don't realize that it is! So the next time you respond to some experience in a way that doesn't feel good to you, know that this is your golden do-over opportunity. How you choose to respond Now will affect all those other lifetimes where you experienced the same or similar things, with the same beings! but chose not to grasp the opportunity. Now you can. You may not know why, and from this vantage point you don't need to. All you need to do is acknowledge that you chose it, and go from there.

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