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I've just been picking through the articles on John Cali's Chief Joseph website. Again. Funny thing how I end up on this website when I'm feeling stressed or anxious. I find the "space" John has created to be very calm and relaxing. Not in appearance necessarily, but certainly in energy. There's seriousness here, and humor too, but overall I always feel a sense of calm, of "all is well" when I visit his site.

The following message, from John's newsletter of August 11, 2009, struck me as a great reminder for us in these trying times. We really are bigger (energetically) than we give ourselves credit for!

God and Glaciers

Last week the Washington Post talked about the Great Aletsch glacier in southern Switzerland. What do glaciers have to do with God?

John Cali

In 1678 the devoutly Roman Catholic people of the isolated Swiss mountain villages of Fiesch and Fieschertal made a deal with God. They vowed to live virtuous lives if God would spare them from devastation by the then-expanding glacier descending upon them.

Today Great Aletsch is Europe's largest glacier. And it's melting, posing a different threat -- flooding and the potential loss of the area's primary water supply.

Now the villagers want to reverse their vow. As their pastor, Father Pascal Venetz, said, they want "to pray against climate change, global warming and the receding of the glacier." But there's a catch.

As a former Roman Catholic, two things struck me about this story.

First, the villagers need to get Pope Benedict's permission to reverse their vow. That's the catch -- because for now they're morally obligated to go on praying for the glacier to continue melting. Talk about a dilemma!

Second, the villagers sincerely believe their only salvation is to bargain with God. Effectively, they're saying, "We'll be good, God, if you will save us from destruction."

I respect and honor all religious and spiritual traditions, as does Chief Joseph. But this story is about "old energy" thinking. It no longer works.

Here's Chief Joseph.

Chief Joseph

As John said, this "old energy" thinking does not work any longer.

You live in an era of rapid change and stunning transformation. You do not need us to remind you of that. God does not "need" you to bargain with him/her -- never did. This bargaining mentality was the old way -- it's now a tired old way. It never did work. Today that is becoming more apparent to all of you.

To put it simply, God doesn't care. It just doesn't matter.

First, you need to remember "who" God is. God is that divine energy that defines and creates all that exists. Everything that exists now, or ever has existed, or ever will exist -- to put it in linear time terms -- is part of that energy you call God. God is simply all that is -- or All That Is.

So you can see the futility of bargaining with God.

Second, God doesn't create your human experience, your reality. You do.

Third, you do not need an intermediary between you and God. The intermediary in this story is Pope Benedict.

You all have a "direct line" to God. You don't need a pope, a guru, a teacher, an "authority" to intercede for you. You don't need Chief Joseph.

Do you know why?

Because you are God also. Each and every one of you is God.

It's long past time for you to acknowledge that, and to accept your role as the powerful divine creators you are.

Sure, that puts all the responsibility squarely on your shoulders. But it also gives you a freedom that will exhilarate and empower you beyond anything you've ever experienced before.

It's time, friends. Accept your divinity. Exercise it. You can transform the world. You can transform your own lives.

Know you are God. It is truth.

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