The Secret of Joy ..

.. by Suzan Caroll at Multidimensions.com. Thanks for the beautiful reminder Suzan!

The Secret of Joy

There is a glimmer
in the back of my mind
and the core of my heart.

This glimmer knows
the secret of joy.

This secret is trying to reveal itself

and I am trying to "stop trying"

so that I can accept.

For joy can only live in peace

and peace cannot abide struggle

and when I "try"
it feels
like I am struggling.

I know that if I surrender,

surrender to the knowing,

I will gain all that I seek.

But the struggle persists.

Then suddenly

it is gone.

Gone into a moment of insight

a feeling of peace,

or love,

a thought of acceptance

of myself.

I know,

not with my mind,

or even with my heart,
I know with my Soul

that for a breath of the NOW

I am united with Spirit.

And all is peace,
all is joy,

all is love,

and acceptance.

But then I forget
what I know
and how it felt
to know it.

I remember that I must do something
or go somewhere.

I remember my worries
and I remember
my fear.

That fear then
blocks the glimmer

and buries the core

and I forget the love.

I forget the love that can

calm the fear

that made me forget.

I forget the love that can

help me to remember the glimmer

and allow it to grow.


and I know that day is soon,

the power of the fear

will be reduced to a shadow.

A shadow of the glimmer

that has grown
into a beacon of Light
the light of LOVE.

A Love I have for myself!

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