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I enjoyed this reminder from Suzan Caroll's Arcturians, about the amount and depth of troubles that are arising for ourselves, our loved ones, the earth, and all of humanity.

The reminder is that it's necessary for all of our fears to surface so that we can clear them, and that we clear them by remembering Who We Really Are, creator of our own reality. When we see our 'issues' and upsetting events as simply fears to be acknowledged, accepted, loved, and released, we will have learned the lessons and be re-creating our reality with joy, happiness, peace, and love.

There is also to remember that whatever cannot thrive in 5th density will need to be released. We can continue with our anxiety and upset as material things and/or people are pulled away from us, or we can release these things and relationships with the knowing that we are moving forward into the life that we have always wanted.

Change is required to move up the vibrational ladder, and change cannot happen without things .. changing. We might not always know why certain events are occurring, but we can love ourselves and our journey, and remember that it's all for the greater good—ours and everyone else's.

Here's what the Arcturians had to say. This piece is from Suzan's newsletter of January, 2009:
Our Dear Ones,

We the Arcturians wish to remind the Grounded Ones that one of the biggest challenges in 2009 will be to remember that YOU are the creator of your reality. Therefore, YOU can create a reality where you live in the survival mode and “do without” in order to ride out the storm. On the other hand, you can choose the reality where “consciousness is your only eternal treasure.”

You and you alone can choose the level of consciousness to which you calibrate your experience of daily life. These experiences will be relatively the same to the eyes of an external observer. However, in your experience, the same reality perceived through different states of consciousness can feel worlds apart.

2009 is an 11-year in which you can gain the mastery over your consciousness. What do you say to yourself when you confront a challenge? Are you able to feel your fear, release it and rise above it? Can you remember to feel, accept and integrate the abundant resonance of unconditional love that is increasingly streaming into your life just above the limitations of the third dimension?

To choose an external guide from whom you are separate and to whom you must always be subservient, you will choose to remain in the third dimensional paradigm of the Piscean Age. On the other hand, should you choose instead to find your spiritual fulfillment and illumination deep within your Multidimensional SELF, you will choose the multidimensional paradigm of the Aquarian Age.

Dear Grounded Ones, we know how you are awakening. More and more of you are remembering who you really are, both in your physical reality, as well as in the many other planets, galaxies and dimensions of your expanded SELF. You are now coming Home in your true state of consciousness. Before you react to the illusions of fear and loss, see each challenge as a mystery to be solved, a message to be translated.

Trust your inner SELF. Whatever leaves you at this time will do so because it cannot stand the resonance of the fifth dimension. Hence, it will serve as anchor until you are ready to release it. Raise these anchors into your hearts to be unconditionally loved as the harbingers of change. Look through the tattered veils of illusion to accept the sweet, comfort of unconditional love. In this manner, the veils of illusion will become thinner and thinner as the truth shines through brighter and brighter.


The Arcturians

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