What If There Were No One Else But You

Each and every being you perceive on your planet, in your world, and within your reality, is quite simply ‘you’. There is no one else. There are no ‘other’ souls. Take a moment to really contemplate what this truly means. ~ Angelic Guides

I recall a comment that Seth made about Source, whom he refers to as "All That Is". He said "All That Is knows no other."

That struck me as profoundly sad when I first heard it. It means that each of us, all of us, will experience that loneliness, that deep desire to find out who we are, because it's a primal drive. Yet it will never be satisfied. Because we, Prime Creator in all its aspects, are continually evolving, growing, expanding, learning, enjoying, experiencing. Without end.

Imagine yourself as Prime Creator, God, Source, All That Is, or whatever term you use to describe first creator. That is who you are: the creator and the created, currently experiencing 'your life' as one tiny - but all important - aspect of All That Is. Each experience being a reflection of the thoughts, beliefs, and experiences that make up your personal history, as an individual aspect of All That Is. It means that no other is better than, or less than, you are. None is more powerful, or less powerful, than you are. You ARE. I AM. They ARE. We ARE. You. And you are you. And you are I. And you are them. You are ALL.

Does that help you in any way to take charge of the myriad experiences that, totaled up, constitute your life in this moment?

There is a key here, and that key is to take full and complete, 100% responsibility for everything that you experience. Not for what others experience, for those aspects of Source are having their own unique experiences. But take responsibility for what you experience. See it all as a reflection of your thoughts, beliefs, actions, choices, desires, habits, whether you are consciously aware of those thoughts, beliefs, actions, choices, desires, habits, or not. Each experience shows you who you have come to be based on all your decisions and choices.

Given that power, you must know that you can change your experiences if they don't suit you. You get to choose. And you get that choice in each and every moment of every moment. Never ever ever allow another to decide how you feel, what you should do, how you should be. You can allow others to inform your choices, but ultimately your choices belong to you.

Be who you are, uniquely who you are. You are Source, experiencing itself through your eyes, through your journey. If you did not exist, Source would not exist. Nothing would exist. You ARE Source. Accept that you are, and act from that stand. Allow your other aspects to be who they are, without expecting them to be who you think they should be. They are you, afterall, experiencing what you are not. You created them as surely as you created yourself. Honor those creations, and especially honor yourself.

Here's what the Angelic Guides through Taryn Crimi had to say:
What If There Were No One Else but You

Angelic Guides through Taryn Crimi
November 20, 2014

Today we have been asked to further elaborate upon the often talked about phrase, ‘All are one.’

Certainly this is something that those of you drawn to this message have heard, but we would like to share with you our perspective in hopes of helping you to truly understand the magnitude of this statement.

There are many of you who will find this message to be ‘mind-blowing’, or even impossible; and of course there are still others who are already on some level aware of what we are about to share. So with that, allow us to begin sharing our perspective.

What would you say if we told you there is only ‘you'. There are no others; no other people, no other places, no other experiences; there is only you. You might respond by asking us to further explain; and with that, we most certainly will.

In this reality you perceive yourselves to be separate entities, separate from one another. Some of you are starting to understand the complexity of just how interconnected each of you truly are, but we would say the majority remain very unaware.

Each and every being you perceive on your planet, in your world, and within your reality, is quite simply ‘you’. There is no one else. There are no ‘other’ souls. Take a moment to really contemplate what this truly means.

Many of you have become familiar with the phrase ‘what goes around comes around,’ or ‘do unto others as you would have done to you,’ or ‘you cannot do harm to another without doing harm to yourself.’ Why do you think that is? We will tell you. Because there is no one else but you.

This would mean that each being that you interact with is another incarnation of your own soul. We have often referred to each being as having their own soul, and to some degree this is true as each incarnation carries with it its own unique aspect of you.

However, from our perspective, each of ‘you’ share the same soul, just as we are also another aspect of ‘you’. You are the universe and everything contained within it. You are exploring more of All that is, through the infinite incarnations you have chosen for yourself, so that you may learn from perceiving the universe from each unique perspective there is to have.

Each of the billions of souls incarnated upon your world is another aspect of ‘you’. It is another incarnation that your soul has chosen to create so that you may learn and grow from the infinite experiences you choose to create.

We have often explained each lifetime as being separate in past messages, though this was simply to allow you to gradually understand the complexity and intricacy contained within your reality. In the truest explanation, all are one, all are of the same source, all are of the same soul.

Now we realize that this may seem quite impossible to some of you. This would mean that every soul, good or bad, terrible or great, is all an aspect of you. They are other incarnations of your soul. This would also imply that you are able to interact with other incarnations of yourself on a daily basis.

Many are always so very intrigued by ‘past lives’, and to this we smile, as there really are no ‘past lives’ – just different vibrational frequencies that appear to be separate or divided by ‘time’ as you know it.

As we often say, all lives are being experienced concurrently, as we do not perceive time to be linear; rather all time is experienced simultaneously. The reality that you perceive to be your world is, from our perspective, holographic.

It is a projection of the thoughts, energy, and intentions of all aspects of All that is, ‘you’. It is an ever-changing energetic web that morphs and shifts infinitely as each facet of ‘you’ changes, morphs, and shifts as ‘individual’ incarnations, as well as collectively.

You see, this is why we have so very often said, All are one. Often when first introduced to this staggering truth, many are left with the question, ‘if there is only “me,” what is the purpose of all this then?’ Ahhhhhh, and to this we reply, to learn, grow, evolve and experience more of All that is. So we encourage you to keep growing, to keep learning, and to continually evolve on this journey ‘you’ have chosen to embark upon.

We hope that this message has served you, and that you find yourselves being far more compassionate towards the many ‘other’ incarnations you have chosen for yourselves. Remember, all are one, all are from the same source.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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