Delayed Reality / Manifesting From The Heart Space - Karen Dover

“Delayed” reality and the ability to BE in TRUTH

By Karen Dover at Truth Codes

November 4, 2014

Much like the stars that appear in the sky above your head the outer waking reality that is your human life experience is not what it appears to be. This may come as no surprise to you as you work your way through the denser frequencies and begin to work with the higher, more expansive and lighter frequencies. What I mean by the statement is that just like the stars in the sky there is a “delay” in the decoding of the frequencies that are then turned into your human life experience. (Stars appear to be in the sky but you do not see them as they are, you seem them as they were, the speed of light is the delay to your human eyes).

The subject of instant manifestation raises its head often and many people fall in frequency when faced with anything other than perceived “instant” manifestation. Remember you are in a human form upon a planet that has been kept in a very dense frequency bandwidth. The appearance of the reality that is built from the higher dimensional frequencies therefore may take some “time” to appear to you in your outer waking reality. This is challenging for your human logical mind to both comprehend and accept. After all you have been TAUGHT over and over again that the outer waking reality is a solid structure and that you must fit in with it in order to live and survive within the human race upon this planet.

As you begin to work with the higher dimensional frequencies then you begin to create from within the void, the void is the place of ENERGY, this energy is neither good nor bad it is simply PURE ENERGY. The challenge to you in this your human form is to continue to FEEL TRUTH whilst allowing the new reality to manifest around you. It NEEDS the higher frequency emitted by you which is achieved by remaining in your heart space. Moving out of your heart space and back into your head sees you lower your frequency and works to keep the reality that you are manifesting “further” away from you.

It is extremely challenging to describe this process using human language for there is no “linear” time involved in this process, it is a matter of frequency and vibration. You may get caught up in looking at the human calendar and keep repeating “WHEN is this going to change for me”. The answer of course is when you allow your vibration to remain at a high frequency and TRUST. As soon as you move into this space then the reality will begin to shift for the outer waking reality is but an overlay, it has no depth to it, but it is a LOWER frequency which makes it dense in comparison to the higher frequencies.

I would ask you not to think too deeply about this blog, this will move you further into your human logical mind which will attempt to teach you that you are in some sort of puzzle that needs solved. THERE IS NO PUZZLE. As many of you are more than aware remaining in a state of TRUST and FAITH creates miracles and the miracles are the New Earth frequencies that you work with. Creating an outer waking reality that shows that anything is possible.

At this time upon the planet there is a massive outpouring of lower dimensional frequencies from those who are releasing the karmic patterning. It may be relatively easy to fall in vibration by looking at the world around you, as it appears to be just as solid as it was at any other time but the FEELing is lighter, miracles can and do happen.

Let go of clock watching and calendar watching and TRUST that what you have created and dreamed will manifest around you, it is manifested through the HEART space and is manifest in TRUTH, it is not manifested through worrying or constantly checking. This works to create a circle of frustration that may be challenging to walk out of. Each moment of each moment your human vehicle is changing and shifting and yet the shifts and changes are filtered out by your human eyes, so too is the outer waking reality. It is to be remembered that just because you cannot see change happening does not mean it is not happening, it just means that from your current vantage point you cannot see the changes.

Everything affects everything in the universe, for ALL is energy and ALL JUST IS. Developing TRUST and FAITH is part of the process that sees you move into the evolution of the human race, no longer bound by the 6 senses you will then gain in confidence as you work to create and to manifest from the heart space. If you find yourself releasing at this time then allow the tears, the tears will wipe the dust from your eyes and allow you to see a new picture for tears are cleansing.

Above all at this time have compassion for SELF as this process is deeply healing and far reaching. ALL JUST IS and YOU ARE in TRUTH.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


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