Acceptance Is Release - Karen Dover

“Acceptance” in TRUTH in order to release ALL

By Karen Dover at Truth Codes

November 6, 2014

Many of you have contacted me commenting that despite being in creation mode that the outer waking reality appears to remain almost solid and asking why this is. Part of the process of moving into fluidity is that of “acceptance”. Now acceptance is not giving up, it is not stating “okay I accept the outer waking reality and can do nothing to change it”. What I mean by acceptance is to look at the outer waking reality and see it as it is in TRUTH, that is not what you want to see, but what is there in front /around you. Only by working from this picture can you change the picture, indeed ACCEPTANCE is a major key in working to create your own reality.

Many of you will have been taken to the point of being shown the “same” outer waking reality and it will not move, no matter how you attempt to move it into fluidity, it remains. The key is acceptance in TRUTH, for the New Earth is born out of TRUTH, it matters not what move you make for if the move is not TRUTH then you will be asked to choose again. The choice though will remain hidden until you accept that which is around you is not TRUTH.

This may appear to be almost back to front and I would remind you gently that the old 3D earth reality construct is a mirror, therefore it must be viewed back to front in order to see what is actually happening, all appears reversed in a mirror. So in order to be shown the choices, which are ALWAYS THERE you must first of all SEE what is around you, only by accepting what is being reflected can you then ask to be shown the whole picture, this is the point that the universe will then open up the picture and show you more choice. Then you make a conscious choice and intention, again the picture will not change unless this choice is in TRUTH.

Many of you may look at this and think “okay but this seems very much like a chore”. It is deceptively simple for you can FEEL the choice that is TRUTH, it is only a challenge if you allow your human logical mind to interrupt and attempt to persuade you that the choice you FEEL is not correct. This begins to create the “puzzle” that is not there and will pull you out of balance and into total frustration for you will then attempt to try to alter your reality by DOING, you are asked to BE and to choose TRUTH, that is all that is required.

TRUTH is ONLY found in the heart space so the key to acceptance is to follow your heart, to understand that what is not TRUTH sometimes looks other than it is and it is this that has kept you in chains within the old 3D earth created construct. Within said construct you were shown choice based on your frequency and SOUL patterning and then asked to choose logically. This blinds you to TRUTH and to ALL possibilities, remember just because your human logical mind cannot “think” of the choice or your human eyes cannot “see” other choice does not negate the choices and they are infinite.

At this moment upon Planet Earth the outer waking reality appears to be harsh and other than what is TRUTH, in order to change this you must accept that the picture you are shown is not TRUTH and then align with the ENERGY that YOU ARE in TRUTH. By changing your own personal picture then you affect ALL and as each human vehicle begins to work with this then the outer waking reality will become more fluid and reflect that which is TRUTH. This is not done by DOING so much as BEing, to accept that your outer waking life is what IT IS at that moment and then ask to be shown the bigger picture. Then the choices will open up for you. You cannot walk down a path that is not TRUTH for that is not supported, many of you have come to the end of the path of untruth and yet are refusing to accept this. This will see you stopped and not permitted to go any further along the path, to view other choices ACCEPT and then choose again. This will allow you to move into fluidity in TRUTH and may see many of you move rapidly into your chosen outer waking reality.

A gentle reminder that the outer waking reality in TRUTH will always be MORE and deeper than you can ever imagine for the human logical mind has been kept in check for eternity, until you allow it to “catch up” with infinite possibilities then it may take some linear time to permit yourself to dream bigger and brighter.

“LOVE is the answer, no matter the question”.


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