"Today" - a message from Veronica

A wonderfully uplifting and vital message from Veronica, through April and Allen Crawford at Inner Whispers

August, 2012
Today Is The Day

Today, why not stand still in silence for a moment and listen to the pulse of your soul?

Today, why not speak your truth without fear of how it is received?

Today, step forward and include your linear participation in your soul's progress.

Today, why not become more active in your soul intentions instead of settling for linear costumes?

Today is the moment you truly reside in. It is an opportunity to express yourself with pure honesty. A moment to color your perceptions with the clarity of the old soul you are becoming.

Often in the linear, one becomes lost in all the dramas, costumes, and props, while forgetting the true intentions of why they have arrived.

This moment needs joy. This day will blossom with the intention of joy. The awareness of all that is possible with clear thought should be continuously tucked within one's heart.

The linear experience was meant to be fulfilling, while allowing the dense experience to fortify one's spirit.

Glean as much knowledge and experience as you can. Embrace the day, becoming one with the vivid experience of the current moment.

Today, be one with our soul. Today, realize your potential and live it. Do not allow others to rob you of the awareness of your potential.

It is your gift... your life, your opportunity to be more.

Yes it is difficult to embrace all of this. Attempt every day to do so. Do not give up. Be the person you aspire to be.

Use all the experiences good and bad to achieve this.

Today is the day.


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