HopeGirl's Message: How To Fix The World

If you aren't aware of it yet, there's a new documentary video out called "Fix the World Documentary". It's over 3 hours long and therefore posted in 3 parts. The video was created by HopeGirl and a team of volunteers who want to see what we all want to see - a world of freedom, joy, peace and abundance for all.

It's going to be quite a process getting from where we are to where we want to be, and HopeGirl and her crew are a part of that process. It's not a professionally done video so don't expect it to be, but the message it bears is current and important.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, some factions still operating in our world would prefer that such information not be made available publicly, and those factions are shutting down the videos as posted to public sites such as YouTube and Vimeo.

In light of that, the website Golden Age of Gaia, and others that I'm not aware of or privy to, are hosting the video on their private sites. I was able to download the videos while they were posted, you may be able to as well.

Here's a short introduction to why the "Fix the World" documentary was made and why it is such an important part of getting the word out that we're creating a new world:

Since the three videos are being removed from YouTube and Vimeo nearly as fast as they are posted, giving URLs is hopeless. What I can do is give you links to where you can find the videos on private sites, and where to find more information.

HopeGirl and Her Team Present How To Fix The World at Golden Age of Gaia

HopeGirl's Blog

Fix the World Project

Before I leave this topic I feel I need to add my own disagreement with how some of the material in the videos is presented. There's a bit of drama and judgement to some of the segments that I personally wish weren't included. For example, I don't make judgements about how much money people have or what they do with it, those are decisions we each make. My abundance doesn't detract from your abundance; your abundance doesn't detract from my abundance. There's plenty enough for all when we fully accept our own power as creators and stop buying into the lies and deception that have been running this world.

I want to see all of us thriving in our own ways, according to how we desire to live, without anyone needing to do without or suffer. So while I don't necessarily agree with everything shown in the videos, those differences don't detract from the message. It's a timely message and one I hope will help bring about the changes we all desperately seek.

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