Being Is The Value

Recently I've been in discussions with friends about a stand that I have taken in my life. That stand is: Being is the value.

By that I mean, gold isn't the value, paper money isn't the value; those are things we use to represent our value, a means of trading a portion of our value for something representing a portion of someone else's value. Property and possessions aren't the value; those are things we create and use, either from our own creative efforts, or by trading a portion of our value. Value is in our BEING. BEing is the value. YOU are the value. I am the value. This is true for each and every being incarnate as human. Each of us is the value. All 7 billion of us. Eternal Essence Embodied, Absent Limits.

It's been a long road for me getting to the point of being able to accept this premise as the basis of my life. I have always believed in freedom. I live in a country - the US - that has always told me "this is a free country". I, like most of those living in this country, believed that. "I live in a free country". Which to me meant "I am free."

Trouble is, I didn't feel free. I looked around me at all the "rules", laws, and statutes that governed my life - and the penalties for not "obeying" - and I can tell you, I sure didn't "feel" free. So that has always been a dilemma for me. Am I free or am I not? Do I even have a right to be free? I'm not the only human on the planet. We all have to live and work together. What if everyone was free? What would that look like?

This issue was something that I could not resolve. I think I didn't want to accept the true and accurate response to the question "Am I really free?" because the answer was too difficult to bear. The answer, which I knew in my heart of hearts to be true is "NO", I definitely am NOT free. Followed immediately by "and there's nothing I can do about it."

In fact, some part of me felt like I didn't have a right to be free, because if I have a right to be free then everyone has a right to be free and that can only lead to .. chaos and anarchy. It made my head ache to think about it, so mostly I didn't think about it. Mostly I just lived my life trying to be as happy as I could be and "survive as best I could" inside the "rules" that appeared to govern me.

I say "appeared to govern me" because somewhere in the deepest part of me I knew that I was completely responsible for my plight. I didn't understand it and didn't have an answer for it, but I did know at some deep level that I'm responsible for all of my experiences whether I like those experiences or not.

But I couldn't make sense of it. Now I have. That's a huge shift for me. Like the proverbial "parting of the waves". The waters part, the sky opens up, and everything is crystal clear. I'll have more to say on this over time, but I'm not sure how I'll go about it. For now, as an opener, I'll share with you a response that I made to a friend of mine when she sent me the link to an article: "President [of Cyprus] announces guaranteed income for all citizens."

Most people would - as my friend did - read this article and become extremely excited about the prospects, about the humanity of it, about the compassion behind it. It had the opposite effect on me. While I wanted to be excited about it, and might have been only a few short weeks ago, now I could not.

I explained why in a message that I sent to my friend. Here is that response in it's entirety (modified slightly for clarity). It reiterates and explains further my stand that "BEing is the value" and will serve as an opening for me to discuss this stand in future postings.

My Response
Regarding "President [of Cyprus] announces guaranteed income for all citizens."

Interesting article, but it misses one key element for me personally to consider the action worthy - such a policy doesn't address the value of being.

Unless and until humanity accepts their own Being as the value, we will not have true freedom. Policy of that nature (in the article) is still control - "prove to us that you don't have the means to support yourself and we'll throw some paper money at you." Under that policy, power still remains with government, which IS NOT government of the people, it is a corporation owned and controlled by individuals for profit. And I might add, for profit at the expense of all the rest of us.

What he proposes in the article may be a stepping stone; it at least recognizes that all humans are worthy of having the basic needs of survival met. That is a start. So if it's implemented as an interim step I'm all for it, as it gives immediate relief to some individuals. If it's implemented as a solution, I cannot be, as it just perpetuates an already existing system of control.

The owning of government, of corporations, of organizations, of public schools and universities by individuals for their own profit at the expense of everyone else is, in my mind, a key. It's all control. And the truly disheartening fact, although it's also the true answer to the dilemma, is that we agreed to be treated that way. We have, albeit unknowingly and unwittingly, agreed to - and continue to agree to - their terms. But we can stop agreeing! My intent is that we all do that - stop agreeing to their terms and recreate our policies and systems fully aware and operating in the knowing that we are the value.

What is so hard to grasp in this enormous topic is that we have *already* been cashing in our value. It's our signature on that piece of paper from the bank (purported "loan") that creates the "money" that we are "given" to transact our business (typically the buying and selling of goods or services). "Paying it back" through debt is a misnomer. There's nothing to pay back; there is no debt. The money was created on our value. Any money, including interest, we give "the lender" is through our own free will and choice. We could consider our payments to be a service fee - a rather exorbitant one - for providing the system for us to cash in on our value. In other words, when signing a "loan" document we are essentially saying "You have provided a service to me by creating money based on my value. For that service I agree to pay you not only the amount you created from my value, but interest, and penalties and fees if I don't continue to meet your terms." Ask yourself this: If you consciously knew those were the terms you were agreeing to, would you ever - ever - agree to them?

Those controlling the global economy know the value of being - that's why they don't just "make up" money. They abide by Universal laws that most of us humans aren't even aware of, the most crucial Universal law governing this planet being "Free Will". They need the signature of a human being, the agreement of a human being, to create or "make up" money, and they've numerous intricate schemes to do so. In the case of "loans", we give them permission to create money by entering into a contract with them on their terms. As long as we continue to deny our value (and to deny ANY human being their value is to devalue us ALL) this system of human slavery will perpetuate itself, because we are agreeing to it.

Those who control the global economy tread a very careful line when they interact with us. They provide humanity (meaning the general population) with the illusion that we have no value. They do this in order to get our consent. The rest of us are so under the spell that we don't even think there *is* a sentient Universe outside of Earth, let alone any Universal agreements like Free Will.

But the fact is, we all agreed to Free Will Choice as the premise for this planet. So those that know the value of Being (our value) cannot, and will not, take anything from us that we do not give them. Through hundreds - actually multiple thousands - of years of working their plan, they have arrived at a point where we the people believe the lies they've told us. WE BELIEVE WE HAVE NO VALUE. They know the truth. They know that we do. It's ironic isn't it? Those at the very top of the pyramid of financial control know our value, but we do not.

That's where our power lies - in knowing our value. It's up to us - as a global consciousness - to "wake up" to the FACT that we are the value, and no longer allow others to trade on our value without our consent.

Maybe you are beginning to see how deeply rooted is our belief that we have no value. How deeply rooted is our belief that we have to "earn" the right to live as we please. We do not. We are sovereign beings, with the basic rights of beingness. We are inherently entitled to live however we choose. We have the right to be provided for intrinsically, as a part of our nature. We participate in this game of illusion by choice. Each entity born into this world has done so by choice. My point is that we can - and I assert that we came into this lifetime to do just that - retake control of our world by realizing the very simple fact that WE ARE THE VALUE, and choosing to live that way.

At the meeting Sunday [my friends and myself] someone asked something like (I'm paraphrasing) "what if some dude just sits around watching TV and doing nothing else, does he have a right to be provided for?" The answer to me is obvious - of course he does. Ultimately he is me having a different experience. It's not my right to judge what he does or why he does it, as long as it doesn't harm my person or my property, or infringe on my own freedoms. I may not agree with his choices, but those are his choices.

What I might do is ask "what has happened to this spark of Creator that the only way he feels happy and free is to "check out" in front of the TV?" I think the answer to that is pretty clear: he doesn't feel free, he doesn't feel the value of his being. And my assertion is that when he does "wake up" to the intrinsic value of his own being, he will be inspired to something other than drawing into his shell in front of the TV. Spirit by nature isn't slothful. We are Creator Beings! It's our level of stress, of hopelessness, of feeling devalued, that is at the root of our non-action. We're just f*ing TIRED! - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I don't believe that any of us - in this incarnation on this planet - know what true freedom is. We have to search our memory banks for lives outside of third density to arrive at any semblance of understanding of what true freedom is. I believe that THAT is why so many of us are so unhappy, even when things appear to be going well in our lives. We know in the deepest recesses of our being what true freedom is, and there's going to be an energetic mismatch until we discover how to be free inside the physical body as well as outside it.

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