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Sirius The Movie

As many of you already know, Dr. Stephen Greer, Founder of The Disclosure Project, The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and The Orion Project, along with Filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka, have teamed up to produce a full length disclosure film. This film is due to be released soon. It's a groundbreaking piece that puts much already existing information into a visual story that I hope will see wide distribution. The time is now for us to expand our awareness that not only are we not alone in the Universe, but to realize that that truth has been withheld from us by the very governments and corporations that we have trusted.

I don't know what all the film entails since it hasn't been released yet, but I hope they end it with the knowing that these beings that we have called "aliens", that have been painted in such a frightening way that our first visceral response to the possibility of their existence is fear, are instead our brothers and sisters in every way. While certain negative factions of other-worldly beings exist, in the same way that negative factions of humans exist, by far the majority are not, in the same way that by far the majority of humans are people of good hearts and loving motivation. We have nothing to fear from our brothers and sisters in the sky, and much to learn. What I hope the films shows is that the portrayal of them as fearful was done on purpose, to keep the real truth from being known. It's disheartening to realize the depth and breadth of the deception, but entirely freeing to realize that it was a deception and not what's ultimately true.

From Stephen Greer's blogsite:
In his book, “Disclosure: Military and Government Witneses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History”, Dr. Greer compiled a wealth of quotes showing how seriously important scientists, military and political figures have taken the issue of earth being visited by Extraterrestrials. These quotes were part of his Sirius Lecture Event (SLE) which forms the thread of the Sirius film. At the SLE, Dr. Greer connected the dots to show how this information interrelates with other evidence found.
We hope the Sirius film will open the door to that knowledge to people who have not been interested in exploring it before. In the meanwhile there is a wealth of information, documents and papers at the Disclosure Project website and at the CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) website.
The movie is intended to be released this spring.

Official trailer release on Vimeo.

One of several trailer uploads on YouTube.

While I was watching this trailer, I thought some of the sound bites and music were overly dramatic and wondered what the producers' thinking was behind doing the trailer this way. On Amardeep Kaleka's Vimeo upload page, I found a clue in his response to a poster asking the same question:
Amardeep Kaleka, 3 weeks ago

:-) ... Introducing UFOs and Aliens to most people is going to be dramatic... especially in a Trailer. It's hard to do it in any other way within a 2 hour film. A 100 hour TV franchise like Ancient Aliens can do it in a more calm way. However, Epic is the NEL style. Because we don't like to use nuance that tends to leave people in a middle gray. We rather paint the picture and involve the senses - especially in a trailer. Thanks for the support guys.
From that comment, my take is that the film is geared to a particular audience who might not be interested enough to pursue this subject any other way, and are used to big drama. I can't say I disagree. As a society, drama gets our attention. It engages the senses and infiltrates our belief system in interesting ways. So although it isn't my preference, I guess being infiltrated with truths isn't all bad. *grin*

The Orion Project

I hadn't realized until I was doing research for this post that Stephen Greer was involved with The Orion Project. I love the openings in possibility that this project provides. In my mind it's time we all realized that technologies already exist to solve many of the issues we see in our world today, their release and implementation are the only things left to do. But it all starts with our beliefs. If people don't believe such things are possible, they won't accept them even when confronted with them. So I thank The Orion Project for their dedication to not only educating us, but to seeing these things through to completion.

As to how fast it can go? Think about the discovery of the transistor, a technology that replaced vacuum tubes. It was a mere 50 years between the discovery and initial development of this basic technological concept - the basis for semiconductor and printed circuit technology - and today's cell phone. And that discovery represents the stone age, really, as far as what's possible with technology. Imagine how quickly technology can evolve things like globally available free energy, once the initial discoveries and existing groundwork are released.

Orion Project Vision and Purpose

The Orion Project is an organization created to transform the current energy, environmental and social crisis into a world of sustainability and enlightened abundance.

Technological progress in the areas of advanced physics and electromagnetic systems, if appropriately supported, will enable humanity to live on the Earth with a minimal footprint with genuine long-term sustainability.

For over 100 years, these advanced concepts in energy generation have either been ignored or actively suppressed due to the power of fossil fuel based economic and industrial interests.

• Imagine a world where every home and village has its own clean source of electrical energy, free from the cost of fossil fuels, nuclear power or a centralized electric grid.

• Imagine every means of transportation running off of clean power plants, using no source of fuel and creating no pollution.

• Imagine the developing world blossoming with these new technologies and the equatorial rain forests protected from slash and burn subsistence farming and logging.

• Imagine all inter-city transportation above the ground and the millions of acres paved over with highways freed for productive agriculture and recreation.

• magine all manufacturing being clean-fuel sourced, using no-cost or low-cost energy.

• Imagine the possibility of 100% recycling because the energy cost of transporting recycled materials, processing them and scrubbing pollution out of the air and water approaches zero.


This is no mere pipe dream, but a world that is well within our grasp to create and do so in our lifetimes. Imagine... and see that it is a reality.

The Orion Project is dedicated to:

Supporting the world's most accomplished engineers, physicists, and inventors who have developed innovative solutions to energy generation.

Cleaning up the fossil fuel power sources currently in use.
Imagine indeed. Imagine all this being our reality, the sooner the better.

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