On Death and Dying - A Shift in Thinking

The subject of death and dying is a difficult one in our society. As individuals and as a society we've got so many misunderstandings about it, we feel so much pain and confusion about it, that we can hardly manage our feelings for ourselves let alone share them with others.

We often get anxious and nervous around those who are experiencing the loss of a loved one - we don't know what to say, we don't know how to be around them, often for fear of triggering some unwanted emotion. So as important as they are, death and dying are subjects we rarely talk about.

In my mind, it's time we talked about it. It's time we laid to rest the confusion, the upset, the misunderstandings. There can be immense joy around the transitioning of a loved one, if only we could grasp that once they 'go' they haven't really 'gone' anywhere at all. In reality they are still as close as they ever were, all that has changed is that they've taken off the costume that we call 'body' and are now focused on a different type of life experience.

When we lose a loved one to death, we've come to see the loss as just that - a loss. And a great one. We don't physically see them anymore, so we have come to believe that they no longer exist. Most of us still don't realize that death is not a final act. It's only one of many acts in a never-ending play called 'The Experiences of Being'.

In truth, when someone dies it's as if they've moved to another town in order to have different experiences. Yes of course we will miss them! A lot! Things will be different when they are no longer in our physical experience.

But they aren't 'gone forever'. Far from it. They are available for communication in the same way that our loved ones out of town can be communicated with, albeit using different 'technologies'.

And perhaps that's the key .. learning that we have access - inherently - to the multidimensional 'technologies' that allow us to communicate with someone whether they are physical or non-physical. All we need to do is accept that this is possible, and begin exercising skills that have lain dormant for multiple thousands of years.

So what's the first step in shifting our thinking about this subject? I would say that the key is: Accepting that life is eternal.

This cannot be taught, and cannot be learned. We can suggest this to others, and that's a very good thing. But this being a Free Will zone and all, others are under no obligation to believe us. For some humans, they aren't ready to give up the illusion yet, and all of our attempts to change their mind about death may fall on deaf ears. Or appear to. As I have said many times, that is their choice. We can hope and wish and offer and pray, but what one believes is always their choice.

So when all is said and done, one either accepts that life - all life - is eternal or they do not. If you're reading material like this blog I'll assume that you either do accept it, or are willing to consider the possibility. So it is from that stance that I move forward in helping us achieve a greater understanding and acceptance of this very wonderful and amazing topic. Because when you do accept that premise - that life is eternal - life gets a whole lot more exciting really quickly.

After we accept that life is eternal - or are willing to consider the possibility, what would be the next step in shifting our understanding of death? Perhaps it's learning what it's like on the other side; taking some of the mystery out of what happens when a spirit is no longer pretending to be human. Since we don't learn about this in school, and generally don't learn it from family or friends (there are exceptions), let's explore that topic.

I will cover more about death and what happens 'on the other side' in upcoming posts. But for now, Veronica opens one path to understanding:

For Those of You Missing Recently Crossed Family and Friends

Veronica through April and Allen Crawford
December 11, 2012

"For those of you missing recently crossed family and friends, it is of great importance to understand their now clear perspective of physical life.

After a period of contemplation, where they confer with their guides about the progress of their own soul, they become more able to look at the bigger picture. There is a clarity of what is important to evolution, and what is simply drama.

We are often asked what their perspective may be now that they are on the other side. While each experience is unique and not standard, there is an ability for them to look closely upon your path in the linear.

Be mindful that they are not looking at what you have or physically accomplished. They are looking at who you are soulfully, what makes your heart sing, and who you love unconditionally.

Physical will wither until it becomes a memory. Make the memories heartfelt. Inspiring yourself to focus upon the connection, rather than the result of linear encounter.

Yes they observe, but it is with spiritual eyes. That vision is one of total love. Let go of the negative and become one with their energies. There will be "time" in another life to resolve differences.

All that is necessary in this moment is to embrace the love."


One of Veronica's listeners asked a question pertinent to this topic, which I include here:

Thank you so much for sharing your timeless wisdom with us, it always brings me peace.

My question is about Near Death Experiences.

I know many people worldwide have had beautiful, rich and deeply inspirational NDEs that open up their spiritual awareness. Sadly, a minority of people report having unpleasant, scary NDEs.

Could you please explain why NDEs can be so different, or are the difficult ones something else entirely?



Dear Cathy,

The death experience is a personal one. It is the perspective of the individual that determines what is perceived.

The belief system also plays a big role in the experience.

If one is confident of a benevolent "other side", then that is what they will experience. If one has doubts or fear based perceptions, the likelihood of a "scary" experience is available.

We realize most would want to argue the point on both sides. However, the experience is created by the individual. Therefore, it will be unique.

Nothing standard can be presented in the linear.

We suggest being strong in your beliefs whatever they are. Your guides will come to assist however the experiences unfold.

Be assured you will ultimately be safe, in the arms of spirit.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for your series on Ascension symptoms on th Golden Age of Gaia. I thought I was the only one experiencing these things starting in 2011. I've recently have having move waves of anxiety, diarrhea followed by rolling intense emotional experiences. This onion has many layers! Thanks again!

Kathelena said...

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for stopping by to post your comments. I'm glad the series was helpful for you.

And yes, indeed, the onion has many layers. Just when we peel one of them away (or have it ripped off! ;)) another one is quick on its heels.

The good news is .. you're expanding expanding and expanding. It's what you came here to do, so congratulate yourself for sticking it out!

I too have experienced what you describe, and it does get better. Both less severe and less frequent. In the meantime, be good to yourself. You deserve it.

All the best to you on your journey,


- k