Nova Earth Day - February 14, 2013

A message from Gaia through Linda Dillon:
No one has ever asked me to be their Valentine, and yet here you are, stepping forward, in your humility and your glory, and you are saying, not only am I asking you to be my Valentine, but I am asking you that we celebrate this day for you — for the sister, for the friend, for the Mother that has always loved you, that has always loved each and every one of you, regardless of your background, your heritage, your lineage.
So as we spend this first Valentine's Day of the new era appreciating our very special loved ones, as we continue to move forward into the new paradigm, let us also celebrate our mother, our sister, our friend, Gaia, the archangelic spirit-being upon whose body we enjoy our own lives - Planet Earth. For this powerful being has suffered much from us over time, but she has loved us anyway, every step of the way. Let us love her equally unconditionally in return; thank and appreciate her for providing the opportunity to play with her and upon her; and let us pledge to renew both our own spirits and hers as we work together to create a world that works for everyone, with no one and nothing left out.

As Steve Beckow so aptly put it:
So get your red shoes on, your dancing shoes, your best birthday shoes, and walk the yellow brick road with us to the Golden Age of Gaia. Because in less than 24 hours, we hold a love fest for Gaia and a day of proclaiming that equality, unity and peace have arrived on Planet Earth – Nova Earth Day.

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