Sometimes we Terrans* forget how difficult the task is that we have set before us, to be a spirit incarnate in a human body. The energy of Earth is so dense that choices often don't seem like choices, they seem like "the way it is" .. with the implication that "it" will always be that way.

In this month's message from Veronica (through April and Allen Crawford at Inner Whispers), we are reminded that hope is the key that unlocks the door to what seems impossible. The impossible only seems that way when we look out from our human eyes. In a sense we could say that hope is the link between human and spirit - between our human and our spirit! - for with hope comes the ability to focus on outcomes that otherwise appear impossible. Hope bridges the gap between human and spirit, so that when we look out into the world we see it through our spirit eyes. Spirit eyes see that all things can truly be different, even when our human eyes insist otherwise.


Participating in the physical environment is extremely difficult. The most advanced souls often find themselves knee deep in the muck and mire of the dramatic linear. It has the potential to defeat the most powerful creative thoughts wistfully if one is not watchful.

While roaming through a life, the one sure tool available to all is hope. The belief that something is attainable is the strongest asset that anyone has. It is important to nurture and protect the ability. Physical life is much too hard to walk through without it.

No matter what dramatic event unfolds, know that your ability to cherish a good outcome with anticipation is a critical ingredient in how it all plays out.

Do not be discouraged if at first glance it does not occur. Great focus is needed to keep hope alive and strong. A lot of you are simply out of practice, having given up a while back.

You have come here to learn great lessons, each of them unique unto you. Not all of them are easy and actually that is by your design.

Maintain a good outlook, learn the lesson quickly with humility, all the while maintaining your relationship with hope.

We realize it is difficult. Nothing worth participating in never is. You are a powerful energy. Do not lose sight of that. Keep the hope alive in you.

It is the best way."


* Terra is the latin word for Earth, and the term commonly used to distinguish between the high vibration (sixth density and higher) Earth of ages past, and the lower vibrational Earth (third density) of today.

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