The Winds of Change

See? The angels are taking care of you every day in every way.

~ Jonesy
Commented to me this weekend after my plans were completely rearranged by the Universe. Completely! When it became obvious that a change was afoot I had enough confidence in Universal flow to just let things unfold as they would, and it all turned out far better than I could have asked or imagined.

Moral of the story? My friend Jonesy is right. The angels are taking care of me - and YOU! - every day and in every way. All we need to do is get out of the way.

What does that mean, "get out of the way"? Getting out of the way means letting go of how we want things to look; holding an intent for an outcome and allowing the Universe (our angels, Essence, Source, Higher Self, guides, God, or whatever your personal term for these energies is) to work out the details.

It sounds really simple, doesn't it? And it is. Or can be, if we let it. Just step back and allow the Universe to bring what you want. Stop railing against "circumstances" and change. Stop insisting that the path look a certain way. Hold your focus and belief on the result, and let the path to that result reveal itself.

The energies surrounding us right now are very very powerful, and like the wind they are shifting constantly. We don't have to know which way this wind of energy is going to shift, we just need to allow it do so when that shift happens.

Let the wind of change move as it will, and it will softly caress you. Try to stand in its way, or to force it to a different direction and it is likely to blow you out of your shoes. And not in a pleasant way! The choice is yours. It always is.

Note: If you are experiencing similar shifts and changes that are leaving you baffled and possibly beat up, see what Selacia and The Council of 12 had to say about the current Summer Solstice Energies and how to ride the wave of change.

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