Take Back Your Power

We live in a society where we each believe that someone else knows better than we do what's right for us. We have taught each other this lesson over many thousands of years, and we've learned it well. Well enough that when we see someone stand up for themselves and tell us to - basically - mind our own business, we get all upset and incensed. This is especially true with our children. We keep so little power for ourselves that sometimes the only way we have to get it back is to steal it from someone else through upset, anger, resentment, sabotage, or force. Often that someone is our children.

Well guess what? A lot of our children aren't buying into what we're selling. Our children aren't like us, they're different, and as more of them come into this reality, the more that difference becomes apparent. They know, deep inside, the sovereignty of their own being, and they aren't about to let you, or me, or anyone, take that power away from them. So next time your child looks you in the face and says "no!" instead of getting upset, try thanking them for taking their power! Appreciate their sovereignty! And then deal with the situation from your own stand of personal sovereignty.

One of the best comments I've heard on this subject comes from Raymon Grace, a man who is changing the world through belieft and intent. When this guy thinks something, it happens, his belief in himself is that strong. If you haven't read about his Water Project you're missing out on knowing just how easy miracles are to produce, and how YOU, through nothing more than determination and belief in yourself, can create seeming miracles too.

Here's what Raymon had to say on personal power:
Number One, I want you to be able to believe in yourself. People are giving their soul to their priest and their preacher, their money to the banker, their health to the doctor and their kids to the school system and in so doing they lost the power to control their lives. I'm just trying to get you to take your power back.

~ Raymon Grace

From "The Water Project: Using Water to Change Energy -
Using Energy to Change and Clean Water"
Let Raymon be a lesson for us all, to know in our hearts that we are the most powerful creators in our own right, and stop giving over our power to others. When you stand in your own power, your own sovereignty, you don't ever have to try to steal power from someone else.

As Abraham so beautifully states from time to time ..
Stop it. Just STOP IT! Stop giving away who you know yourself to be for the all-too short reward of pleasing someone else. It doesn't work. Please yourself first and trust that all the rest will fall into place.

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